Thursday, March 22, 2012

News of the World: Snap Judgment


Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales will be charged with 17 counts of murder, assault, and a string of other offenses in the massacre of Afghan villagers as they slept, a US official said. The charges do not seem to include war crimes at the Hague or anywhere else, nor is mention made of his Kill Team accomplices or any higher ups that may have put him up to it or tacitly consented and allowed him to exit a sealed military base in the middle of a war.

Pharmaceuticals are to blame, or dangerous bathwater? Untreated addiction stemming from a traumatic childhood that sets us up for addiction when we experiment with drugs? Let's blame the individual and ignore the social factors. That's the American way, rugged individualism.

While the world would probably be better off with a Mormon from Kolob than a Globalist puppet like B.S. Obama, he could never lie to us so soothingly well as master orator Barry Soetoro Obama. Sadly, Santorum sees clearly. The fix is in. Romney has been hand picked to win the nomination and lose the election.

The next likely president of the US is Hillary Clinton, according to fortune teller and political insider Sean David Morton. The reasons why are too disturbing to detail. Yay, Hillary will be the new Margie Thatcher, and we'll all be the poorer for it. Maybe she can get PMRC leader Tipper Gore to join her in the West Wing or Weiner's wife, Hillary's rumored love interest. Ah, what must they be saying in Kolob?!

With all the military-industrial complex surveillance, which led to the suspect years ago, it is a wonder they felt it important enough to let him do something big and outrageous so Sarkozy could unilaterally decree that the Internet will be monitored and anyone doing anything France's clandestine services does not like will become a punishable offense. Hello killer, goodbye fraternity, egalitarianism, and freedom. And if you dare question the police or government spies, just remember Jewish BABIES were killed. That means "no questions allowed." It's like a mini 9/11 -- to even question the government's response is unpatriotic, possibly treasonous, and just a conspiracy nutjob's insensitivity to what has befallen France's Jewish community and police force.
Sure he denied the Keystone XL after we surrounded the White House with environmental activists. But he never said he wouldn't change his mind when corporate oil interests told him to. He does what he's told. That is what makes him the perfect puppet president. He's half black so he would never give in to being brow beat by white men at a business round table. Face it: He does not wield power, and he never did. He says what he is prompted to say for those who do. And he does that very well. He is the nicest dictator we could have hoped for, even if we were hoping for a liberator.
Oops, the investigating police agency got caught with their hoods on, and now the heat is too much for the chief. Why not at least pretend to arrest the gunman and do a sham investigation? No, that might embolden blacks to believe they have the right to wear hoodies, or talk back to white men with guns, or walk around at night, or run from danger. When will these young black men learn that all that is needed is plausible deniability, which is not hard to find when the policeman, security personnel, homeowner, or in this case none of the above is holding a Glock? Dead men don't talk. Yet the evidence is surfacing that Zimmerman is a cold blooded murderer claiming that Martin came at him while he (Zimmerman) was trying to get away from the child he was tracking, provoking, and threatening with a gun. Who know what happened, but it sure seems worthy of investigation because "self defense" is a legal defense not something police can determine on the spot.

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