Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11: US plan to invade seven countries (video)

False flag operation that made US wars easy
According to General Wesley Clark, the US/military-industrial complex (MIC) has a plan. First invade, conquer, and occupy Iraq -- even if that means completely destroying it, sending it back to the Stone Age, killing everyone there, in what was once called Mesopotamia, a seat of human civilization of biblical significance. Check. Next go into (under a convenient pretext of our own making; thank you, CIA, that's what you're there for) Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan... and ultimately Iran. See video below.

Ignored (in US) American scholar
"The United States is a rogue state; it doesn't pay any attention to international law" (Noam Chomsky). The United Nation's Charter bans violence and the threat of violence, but the US/MIC just keeps threatening Iran, Syria, and other sovereign states without regard to international norms or treaties. In fact, it has self-authorized permission to commit genocide, a fact ratified by the International Court, unlike any other country in the world. We (or at least our leaders and their blindly "patriotic" boosters) are the super power, the police state bar none, the greatest source of violence on the planet.
Gen. Wesley Clark on the Seven War Plan

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