Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Resolving pre-birth "soul contracts"

Renaissance (French, "rebirth") masterpiece, the (Re)Birth of Venus by Boticelli
Revealing "Soul" Secrets and Living Brilliantly!
Deva  intuitive Danielle MacKinnon
What if we could discover the hidden contracts holding us back and release those that no longer serve us? Ever feel blocked, unable to find love, make money, or form lasting relationships? Why are certain people in our lives? Could the decisions we made in past lives be challenging us today?
Intuitive coach and soul contract consultant -- soul here referring to the ever-changing stream of selves we are and have been as we wander on in samsara -- Danielle MacKinnon shows how "soul contracts" and "seed thoughts" appear as annoying energies blocking us from our desires. They were actually put in place by us to help us master "soul lessons" and move forward on our path toward a happy, fulfilled life.
We might learn that our repeated bad decisions are there to help us uncover a hidden source of pain we were not conscious of having. We might find out that a tumultuous relationship is assisting our personal and spiritual growth. We might even recognize which soul contract is blocking our career or love path. More importantly, we may be able to uncover and learn how to break free of them through a live group clearing.

These are the prospects and possibilities MacKinnon extends. Just such a live, hour-long clearing took place by phone and Web simulcast yesterday [(206) 402-0100, Conference ID: 985639#, Passcode and PIN Code: 985639#]. What did some people discover? Karmic patterns or "soul contracts" have been secretly holding them back in life -- and there's something that can be done about it! More

Soul No Soul?
The Buddha at Thimphu, Bhutan, high in the Himalayas (Michael Foley)
Wait. Doesn't Buddhism teach that there is no "soul," no "self," no "ego"? Not exactly. There is one truth but two levels of it. In a conventional sense, of course there is a "soul," a self, an "I." It is called the atman (Sanskrit), atta (Pali), or alma (Spanish). But to think that this conventional designation signifies more is mistaking a process for a solid entity. The "entity" is neither solid nor stable. It is an impermanent composite. It is composed of ever changing streams of form, feeling, perception, formations, and consciousness. Due to ignorance, there is identification with one or more of these, or the idea arises that the "self" owns these heaps of ephemera, or stands outside of them. In an ultimate sense, which is much more subtle and harder to grasp, this is not the case. There is what looks and behaves and is spoken of as a "soul" or essential self (astral body, ghost, spirit, consciousness incarnate, an "eternal being" passing from life to life, a gandhabba), but ultimately it is an illusion. It gives the illusion of being permanent, pleasant, and personal when it in fact bears three opposite marks of existence. Realizing this by insight rather than reasoning leads to stream entry, the first stage of enlightenment and liberation from all suffering.
  • Gandhabba is used in a completely different sense from the mythical celestial musicians of the devas in Buddhist cosmology, referring to a being (or, strictly speaking, part of the causal continuum of psycho-physical consciousness) in a liminal state between death and rebirth, one's visible "spirit" in a sense.
The Cure to Cancer Summit
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