Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why I love Cocaine

Anonymous, Ashley Wells, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Dennis Romero,
Sia (and/or her tiny alter ego) is the Girl You Lost to Cocaine
Hi, my name is Minsky. And I'm a coke fiend...

Hi, Minsky!
...Not the toxic corn-byproduct and fizzy flavorant-laced poison. I mean the Columbian plant extract. Can'ts get me enough of that powdered goodness. It is the s!

Nina Sia-khali Moradi it too hot.
It all started in the Lab, you see? These dealers in fancy coats were just giving it away. Know what I'm talking about? They would force it on me and the other mice. We were going A-1 loco in those cages. Now I know why.
But back then, I was chasing the dragon with the devil in me and I didn't need to eat, sleep, or worry about acting like vermin in the nesting area. It was great. I'd still be on the stuff, but then things got tight. My heart was racing, supplies were low, and I looked like some kind of snake, my hair falling out in patches, and breath like the devil. Can you feel me on that one?

The best way to rob a bank is to own one, and the best way to deal drugs is work for the pharmaceutical industry selling addictive toxins as "medicine." How to Make Money
It got so bad I was stealing pellets to survive, peeing in the water dish, fighting over nothing, and keeping everyone up with my rodent drama. It was a mess. Think I'm going to go kill myself, or become a born again Christian mouse, or take out a loan, and get a job in the military or at WalMart and really make something of myself. And now it all comes out in the news:

Love at first Snort?
Cocaine Takes Over Your Brain After First Snort?")
Life in the mirror (Irina Slutsky/flickr)
If you ever wondered why Lindsay Lohan repeatedly returned to her nightlife haunts despite warnings from judges and others to tone it down, this might explain it. Allegedly.
SoCal is Tops For Socially Conscious Universities
New research from UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco for the first time documents immediate physiological effects from a first dose of cocaine use, at least on mice. 

Not only that, but researchers found that the little rodents in question seem to want to go back to the place from where they got their Bolivian marching powder. Strong stuff, that.
The study was published this week in the journal Nature Neuroscience.
H&M, Brandy Melville Sued Over Estevan Oriol's Gang-Style Photograph
L.A. (The Informer)
The academics measured the rodents' brains via "2-photon laser scanning microscopy" and found immediate growth of "dendritic spines" of the frontal lobes.
The researchers claim that's the first time this has been documented for initial doses of cocaine and that it shows how the drug affects immediate physiological changes that can predict addiction. More

British mom and lingerie model is ditching her life of posing for one of modesty and obedience as a Muslim wife (Thanks Allah and Islam).
Egyptian monasticism at Wadi Natrun
OHIO - Dr. Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom of Wittenberg University will present a lecture on the monastic residence at Wadi Natrun. The Desert Fathers of Egypt were the first Christian monks to establish a community on the fringes of the desert. Wadi Natrun, ancient Scetis, was home to thousands of monks from 500-1100 CE. Archaeological work in the region at the Monastery of John the Little demonstrates monastic life in multi-roomed homes with spectacular wall paintings and complex kitchen facilities. Dr. Brooks Hedstrom will present Egyptian monasticism under the Islamic caliphate in the tenth century CE. The lecture is free and open to the public.
  • [Editor's note: All such monasticism is a direct result of Buddhist influence, where monasticism was a novel concept to Jewish and Christian conceptions of spirituality imported from the East and its most successful shramanic tradition.]

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