Thursday, September 26, 2013

Complaint: Why ya gotta talk about SEX?!

Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Seven, Amber Larson, Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
That is so disgusting! Sex and Buddhism together?

Lost in translation (en espanol*)
COMPLAINT: I'm no prude but... Why do you have to talk about SEX?!

My gratitude to Wisdom Quarterly for posting some articles and therapeutic workshops regarding sexuality ("Sex, Intimacy, Communication on Buddhist the Path"), but why?

In the world of sensuality, desire, and intimate sexual relationships, I believe that they are educational to many. HOWEVER, as we ALL know, practitioners at different levels may have different needs! For those, like me, who have been on the path for many years and have transcended those worldly desires and felt free will not need any therapy!

Furthermore, although observing celibacy is not required in many spiritual practices for laypeople, enjoying sex, especially with multiple partners (over-indulging in sensual pleasures) is certainly not  encouraged. Do you encourage it? Why is WQ talking about food, too? I'm not done yet! I want to be heard!!

REPLY: Dear Madam and/or Sir, Consider contributing something on the topic. Anyone who reads one day of Wisdom Quarterly may be misled. But anyone who reads many days will begin to see some balance in our coverage.

WQ: public relations geniuses (lol)
We do not encourage sexual misconduct/clinging to sense desire. We condemn it. It is not the path. But most people may not actively be on the path or seeking it just yet. What should they do? Live lives of shame and guilt, hide or be frustrated, lie to others and deceive themselves? Sex is here. Let's deal with it, candidly and honestly with care for our relationships and the place of this part of our corporeal reality. Believe it or not, there are uptight members of this Judeo-Atheistic-Christian society. 

Our human bodies are fine (
Wisdom Quarterly is a sex-positive site: Like FEMEN and OCCUPY and PUSSY RIOT and SLUTWALK and GO TOPLESS and CRASS, we use our bodies to demonstrate and call attention to ill-done deeds around the world. Let intolerant/orthodox Christian fundamentalists, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Satanists, and gatekeeping scientists condemn us. But we will nevertheless cover "forbidden" topics. We welcome all help toward voluntary celibacy for temporary intensive-practitioners, such as those on retreat or pursuing a period of monasticism. Please, offer our readers help on this popular subject.


Right-wing Republican Jesus
COMPLAINT cont'd: I may not be able to offer help since I am not a "sex" guru. I just wanted to point out the fact that there are lay practitioners of different kinds of spiritual practices who have realized greater satisfying fulfillment from spiritual practices than from sex. They may not need sex therapies in order to please their partner(s). Of course, I agree with that most humans still have basic needs to fulfill. Therapies suggested by Wisdom Quarterly could be educational and helpful. However, "sex" may not need to be "encouraged" in the name of religion! Why don't you stupid tramps give it a rest? Many great sages of different kinds of spiritual practices embrace a life of celibacy, although they might not be required to do so. However, without judging people by religious standards, I have nothing against those who like to enjoy hot sex. It's just personal choice. As for me, I agree with the teachings of Yoganada [Editor: SRF's Paramhansa Yogananda] and Jesus [St. Issa] on "relationship." Get a life.

*TRANSLATION: A boy wearing a skull rock 'n roll tee-shirt is being scolded by a Catholic priest, who is saying: "Look, son, I don't have anything against rock, but doesn't it seem morbid and in poor taste to you that someone would use an image of a cadaver as a marketing strategy?" Poster reads "Church versus Rock: Not too different."

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