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Bridging Science and Spirituality (Dr. Pert)

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Dr. Pert passed away on Sept. 12, 2013 and memorial services will be held on Oct. 27, 2013 at 10:00 am at the Historic Jewish Synagogue, Sixth & I, Washington, D.C.

Psychosomatic Wellness (
Dr. Candace Pert, who discovered the opiate receptor and starred in "What the Bleep Do We Know?" brilliantly shared her scientific research in a form that made readily understandable and engaging for non-scientists.

She communicated her wisdom via lectures worldwide, documentaries, films, CDs, and in her books, Molecules of Emotion: The Scientific Basis Behind Mind-Body Medicine and her Hay House publication, Everything You Need to Feel Go(o)d.

Curing cancer spontaneously with inner work and natural remedies? Doctors cannot see/admit the possibility even with verifiable proof. There is a lot of money to be made from cancer by "blind" treatment specialists using radiation, chemotherapy poisons, and costly invasive surgeries. Viva el capitalismo! (See Part II)
Energetic meditation for health
She taught how the BodyMind functions as a single psychosomatic network of informational molecules which deeply influence our health and happiness. Moreover, in a way that includes yet transcends left-brained scientific inquiry, she guided us on how to utilize this knowledge to enhance our lives by embarking on spiritual and emotional paths to healing.

She welcomed all spiritual practice into her life, and she loved all people. Dr. Pert dedicated herself to creating new drugs for serious illnesses. She was, after all, first trained as a pharmacologist. More than 25 years ago, she had an inspiration, a "vision" as it is described in her first book, about how to make a drug for HIV/AIDS. At that time this scourge was not controlled; it was destroying the lives of many. She spent the last 28 years of her life pursuing research to create a non-toxic treatment and a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. More She went from neuropeptides to chakras.
Meditation: from neuropeptides to chakras
“Healing the Hurting, Shining the Light” was produced by Dr. Pert with her son, Brandon Pert, a musician, audio production expert, and sound mixer, exclusively for distribution from her website.
The download is a 30-minute meditation that uniquely combines induction into a relaxed state via breathing directions, lecture material, and chakra (subtle-energy wheel) affirmations. The music is composed according to a scientifically designed key on a scale whose frequencies are in harmony with the light spectrum.
An appreciation of the ancient wisdom of the Vedic chakra system, which corresponds to modern scientific discoveries about the location of neuropeptide-enriched nodal points along our bodies’ longitudinal axis, can help us enter a relaxed state of mind where natural recuperation and recovery can occur.
Learning new positive thought patterns is also facilitated so that auditors can permit conscious calm access to our “bodyminds” below the neck. So often today we are unnecessarily stressed out instead of blissed out, spending time and energy subconsciously focusing on irrelevant frantic survival patterns which no longer serve us.
This meditation is taken from the original CD “Healing the Hurting, Shining the Light” available with three extra tracks exclusively on her site. More

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