Tuesday, September 24, 2013

KOAN: Ummon's Farm Rice-Cake

Roshi Jeff Albrizee, Seven, PasaDharma.org, The Book of Equanimity, Case 78
Yum, now they're hemp-a-licious! Lundberg brand rice cakes are not as bad as popcorn.
When you seek the cost all over heaven, you’ll be paid the price all over the Earth.
To seek after 100 schemes is just a shame.
Isn't there some one who knows to advance and retreat, and who recognizes the duality?

Eat or fast, but mindfully with clear comprehension
Master Ummon spoke to the assembly of monastics: “Even if a single word instantaneously puts the 10,000 differences in the same groove, including the minutest particle, it is still an expression of teaching. What is a patch-robe monastic to say? If you argue about the words of the ancestors and the buddhas, the unique way of Zen will be destroyed. Is there any one here who can put it right? If you can speak, come forward.”
Then a monk asked, “What is speech that transcends the buddhas and goes beyond the ancestors?”
Ummon replied, “Farm rice-cake.”
Then the monk asked, “What connection is there between the farm rice-cake and the speech that transcends the buddhas and ancestors?”
Master Ummon replied, “Exactly! What’s the connection? What are you calling buddhas and what are you calling ancestors?”
Eat like a wise vegetarian monastic -- healthy, tasty, and kindly (3D-pictures.feedio.net)
Ummon further explained, “Right now, is anything the matter? If you really don’t have any clue, then for a time go into yourself and investigate thoroughly on your own. In the 24 hours of the day, when you are wearing a robe, eating, defecating, and urinating, even including the flies in the latrine, is there still any speech that transcends buddhas and ancestors?”

“Farm rice-cake” is speech that transcends buddhas and ancestors.
In this phrase there’s no flavor.
How can you penetrate it?
Zen monastics who one day know satisfaction will see no shame on Ummon’s face.

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