Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Illuminati, Conspiracies, Obama... (video)

Johnathan Davis, singer for the band Korn, does not think highly of our "puppet" President Obama or the war path he continually leads us on.

Ke$ha for $atan (
The world of "conspiracies" is fun. It's true, too. But just uttering the word makes it all all right. We stop paying attention. It's our Pavlovian conditioned response, the way we have been trained. Dalai Lama was once a CIA "operative"? Conspiracy. Oh, okay. JFK shot by agents of the military industrial complex? Conspiracy. Oh, okay. The "Illuminati" are a self-serving club of elitists in Hollywood, the military, industry (multinational corporations), and government? 

Another pawn in the Big Pentagram's game
Conspiracy. Oh, okay. Kate Middleton was never pregnant, or she may have been, but certainly did not have that baby (Prince Georgie) by ordinary means; one can see how abashed she is about lying or participating in this charade, but that is the price of fame and power in a corrupt world of politics and money, genocide and hegemony. Incest among nobility to maintain their monarchy is nothing new, and no one thinks Prince William has any power to stand up to the power he inherits. England did not get where it got by playing nice and we, as the USA, are its superpower offspring. What if off-planet entities rule not directly but through humans in positions of power, thus making it vital that bloodlines (with hybrid "divine" DNA) be maintained?

Paris Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson's daughter, wanted to warn us
of the Illuminati agenda, calling attention with a half-hearted suicide bid.

"Buddhist" Mass Murderer Alexis?
Aaron Alexis by remote control (wiki commons)
Melissa Melton (Activist Post) has another explanation for the military-style carnage from the US militant and presumably Buddhist Aaron Alexis, who went down in US history as the "Navy Yard shooter." What if his apparently intentional and irrational actions that day had a much more sinister explanation in covert activity, propaganda, and experimental influence on soldiers just as Alexis himself reported to police was happening BEFORE the shooting ever took place.

Alexis was being electronically harassed by a team of military-industrial operatives determined to cause mayhem, fear (state-sponsored terrorism), and carnage through an "experimental agent" (aka patsy) just as they have in so many previous cases.
Occupy the MIC (military-industrial complex)
We look for comforting causes solely in the susceptible individual and dismiss out of hand the social and conspiratorial forces at work. What has secretive science become capable of with all our DARPA and similar technology militarized to promote war, discredit opposition, and turn the world in directions that advantage the Pentagon (the US military) and the world's real "movers and shakers"(multinational corporations or "industry," the mainstream infotainment media, Big Pharma, privatized prison companies, etc.)? Oh, look, Justin Bieber! Kanye West! Boobs! Never mind the men in the business suits and camouflage.

Oh no, not Obama, too
Obama-Apologist Earl Ofari Hutchinson (
President B.S. Obama, the military-industrial complex's most useful mouthpiece ever
The Republican Party is a bundle of politically cynical [nuts full of] contradictions. Even before Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s 13-hour Senate filibuster against President Obama’s drone war, various GOP politicos took shots at the president for overreaching on national security.
Obama’s been lambasted for failing to close Gitmo [like he swore he would] and his presumed willingness to continue having CIA and counterintelligence forces [illegally spy on Americans and] wage overt and covert war in Afghanistan after the final troop withdrawal.
Revoke Obama's Peace Prize (
This is the same GOP ["Grand Old Party"] that, from the moment Obama announced his presidential candidacy in 2007, did everything possible to tar him as a commander in chief who would be a marshmallow on national defense and, more damaging, stand down on Bush’s [endless] war on [a tactic known vaguely as] terrorism.
The attack was a typical tactic from the GOP’s playbook to sully Democrats on national security. [We'll show those rightwing Republicans who's tough on crime, downright reactionary on eliminating civil rights, and willing to go medieval on terrorism!]
GOP Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., and especially George W. Bush in 2004 in his reelection fight with Democratic presidential foe [and fellow Yale Skull & Bones member] Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry [now proving himself a greater killer than Bush Jr. as Sec'y of State], used this ploy masterfully against their Democratic opponents. More

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