Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Convicted of assault using my breasts (video)

Eds., Wisdom Quarterly; LA Times (L.A. Now)

Tanaka found guilty in corruption case
Tanaka convicted on conspiracy and obstruction of justice chargesThe verdict in federal court caps a jail [torture of innocent detainees awaiting trial, racist abuse, abuse under color of uniform] and obstruction scandal that reached all the way to the top echelons of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. More

Weaponized breasts (like Katy Perry)?
(Charles News Network) A woman has been convicted of "assaulting" a police officer with her breasts during a violent protest in Hong Kong. Ng Lai-ying was taking part in a demonstration against parallel trading on the streets of Yuen Long in March this year when the incident is said to have took place.
Undersheriff faces 15 years in prison
Long time L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca's No. 1 (police-gang member, corrupt Asian Undersheriff Paul Tanaka) has now been convicted after Baca pleaded guilty to lesser charges to avoid a long prison term.

Sheriff's Dept. officials, particularly Tanaka saying it was Baca putting him up to it, encouraged illegal deputy behavior.

This is serious because all deputies must first serve in the L.A. Jail system for a minimum of two years before being allowed to patrol the streets with the illegal tactics they learn in our corrupt jails -- tactics such as physical abuse, torture of prisons, successful lying on official forms and reports, racial and sexual bias.

Widespread desensitization allows Sheriff's deputies to freely abuse suspects in cities that contract with the L.A. Sheriff's Department, usually those cities too poor to fund their own police departments that might be more sensitive to the communities they patrol.

Who in the world is Paul K. Tanaka? He is a failed American politician and disgraced law enforcement top official convicted of corruption today after a long investigation and a trial that finally began March 22, 2016... He came very close to succeeding Sheriff Baca to continue decades of corruption, police abuse, murders, and crime at the top of L.A.'s criminal police culture. 

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