Saturday, April 30, 2016

VegFest Los Angeles, April 30th FREE (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Veg Fest Los Angeles

Event was great!
Kitty and Mark Thompson
(WQ) Twenty thousand people made it out to VegFest, the great success likely being due to the fact that it is now free. There was plenty of parking across the way. Music, drinking, shopping for cool t-shirts and high vibration gauzy linen, supporting animal shelters, exploring a spiritual bazaar, healing, cooking demonstrations; saving the whales, orangutans, Hollywood wildlife, cats, dogs, and endangered species. Dine on tons of food and free samples. Have some vegan ice cream, Native Foods, Asian curries, tacos, ala carte items, health drinks.

TV/radio host/comedian Mark Thompson (The Edge Show, Tim Conway Jr. Show, and sundry appearances with comedians on KPFK like the Jimmy Dore Show, David Feldman Show), a defender of animals and a vegan, served as announcer on the main stage as thousands from The Valley and beyond milled about like a modern Woodstock at Woodley Park, the "Central Park" of the SFV. Next year should be even bigger. And Earth Fair (the local Earth Day Fest) is coming up soon.

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