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Epigenetics: disease-free with 90 nutrients

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; Anna Call (; Dr. Wallach

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Epigenetics and gene activation for improved health and longevity (

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Epigenetics: (the part of our genetic code that is "above genetics" or above the specific instructions). Biology is NOT destiny, even though the slogan rhymes. Epi-genetics refers to the environmental triggers that set off gene expression. We are not victims of our genetic inheritance (codes) but our environment, particularly our diet and deficiencies. Things in the environment, prebirth and postbirth, set in motion or keep from setting in motion what is written in our collection of instructions.

Epigenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory
Epigenetics (Dr. Joel Wallach, et al.)
These authors advance a theory of mineral deficiencies, rather than genetics, as cause of diseases.

Calling upon the research and theories of Dr. Joel Wallach, Epigenetics contends that many diseases currently considered genetic in nature -- such as Huntington’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and so on -- are actually a result of dietary mineral deficiencies.

The book, co-written by doctors Wallach, Ma Lan, and Gerhard Schrauzer, also discusses [discredited medical theories that were once the the medical establishment standard], and references several anecdotes from Dr. Wallach’s career.
Epigenetics [looks at] history for several chapters without making any clear connection to its thesis [which is that the medical field changes as theories come and go].

When the thesis does appear, it feels like a change in topic. Despite this, the volume is an entertaining read until some of Dr. Wallach’s minor run-ins with the mainstream medical community are characterized as “witch hunts.”

At this point, the text begins to counter-attack the medical establishment. The remainder of the book reviles negative responses to the theories presented and discusses encounters with several professional establishments and colleagues.

The tone is often embattled, offended, and personal. Dr. Wallach has long promoted the concept [and gathered evidence for the fact] that mineral deficiencies are the primary cause of disease... More

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