Thursday, April 21, 2016

SEX: Dr. Drew to cancel "Loveline" (audio)

Dr. Drew Pinsky, Kevin & Bean (, 4-2); Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
"It’s been such a privilege and such a fascinating journey." - Dr. Drew Pinsky, MD
Prince dies; Dr. Drew Resigns from Loveline, Ends Show
After hosting the show for 30 years, Dr. Drew Pinksy announced this morning on The Kevin & Bean Show that he’s ready to move on from Loveline and focus his time on his family and other projects.

[His father-in-law just died suddenly after working seven days a week, and his wife is selling off the contents of his Orange County hardware store.]
“We’re going to wind down Loveline next Thursday. After nearly 30 plus years, we’re finally going to call it a day,” said Pinksy. “It’s been a great privilege to have been part of this -- I’ll keep doing Kevin & Bean,  I’ll stay with you guys -- but after many, many years we thought it was about time to drop the mic and tap out.”
“It’s been such a privilege and such a fascinating journey. It’s so wonderful to have heard all these stories and to just try and help people night after night. It’s never been other than fascinating. I always figured there must be something wrong with me that I always looked forward to coming in every night and trying to be of service,” he continued.

Mike Catherwood’s recent departure from the show also helped set the wheels in motion for this decision.

“The reality is there’s not been a business model for the show for a couple of years. The honest truth is I’ve been doing it for free for a couple of years. It returned to its roots. I originally did it for free as a community service show.”

“I really looked at it carefully when Mike left and I thought, ‘Ya know, this is getting silly. I love it, and I love being a part of it, but at a certain point -- let’s just say I’m not getting any younger, and not sleeping every night is beginning to get to me. Maybe that’s where the prostate cancer came from, I don’t know.”
“I will still be doing other platforms; I’m still going to be fighting the fight. And by the way Loveline may come back in other forms: I’m not closing the door to the possibility that we’d ever do Loveline again. It might even be on KROQ again. This incarnation for right now, we’re just going to call this chapter closed.”
Dr. Drew began his radio career in 1984. Several talented people have hosted the show alongside him, which ran Sunday through Thursday nights 10:00 pm-12:00 am.
On Thursday, April 28th, Loveline will air its final broadcast with special co-host Adam Carolla. The two will continue on together with the Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast, with more details to be announced. More

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