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Slaves were Americans NOT Africans (video)

Conspiracy Dude (CDF); Tavis Sanders; Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
Olmec stone monument head from ancient Mexico clearly shows black features (wiki).

WARNING: Potentially offensive suggestions and interpretations of facts and stereotypes!
KKK 3-y.o., Gainesville, GA 1992
This is the Conspiracy Dude's "conspiracy" theory as to why the "African American" was created. Before regarding this as racist against blacks, it is necessary to note a previous video made by CD about the origins of whites or "Caucasian Americans," who did not originate in the Caucuses.

For astonishing insights into the legacy of European colonialism and chattel (people as property) slavery by Christian rapists, missionaries, and mercenaries in the Americas, see the works of
  • Dr. Michelle Alexander on the treatment of blacks in the post-racial but still very racist USA,
  • Dr. Joy DeGruy on the construction of "race" in general and "white" in particular, and P.T.S.S.
  • Prof. Gerald Horne on the concealed history of slave revolts and the atrocities of the European trade in the United States.
Invention of white "race"
These are some of the most brilliant scholars of our time. The towering work of Prof. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on the little known history of Native Americans in the United States also seems to back the suggestion that "African Americans" came from this land, the "aboriginals" who were here 50,000 years ago according to recent archeological discoveries.
First "Americans" were Black Aborigines

Angkor, Cambodia (Olivier Heron)
It is a strange fact that when black slaves ran away, they were welcomed by Native American tribes who saw them as brothers as not foreign outsiders like the invading whites.

Consider the mysterious Olmecs of ancient Mexico (Mesoamerica), who were clearly "black" rulers just like the kings who ruled an analogous Buddhist and Hindu empire, Angkor and Siem Reap, in the jungles of Cambodia.

A Real History of the US
CONCLUSION What if blacks were lied to, what if we were all lied to, and told that they came from far away enslaved when in fact they are from here? Like the First Nations peoples (Native American "Indians"), aboriginal blacks have been here for thousands of years. They were not introduced here by the millions as cargo on slave ships. Stripped of their real cultural heritage and given an older and murkier one set in no place in particular on the giant continent of Africa, the alleged cradle and home of all humans, a people are dispossessed. They are made to feel like they should "go back to Africa" when it is the invaders and enslavers who should perhaps leave. The enslaved should expect reparations or at least the truth.
(Tavis Sanders) "Setting the Record Straight: An American Deception" is a 4-part series on the omitted history of the "copper colored" indigenous peoples here. Americans believe that the history of blacks in the US begins with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. But it is a false "history" imposed on the dispossessed.

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