Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Occupy.com's 4th birthday (Occupy Wall Street)

Occupy.com; Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly

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Bank's data leak
Four years ago this week, a group of journalists, artists, activists, and media mavericks working out of a small office in New York launched Occupy.com.

Several were editors who, six months earlier, had founded the Occupied Wall Street Journal, the flagship newspaper of the Occupy movement.

Playbook (occupywallst.org)
Others were Web developers, music producers, art curators, photographers, social media experts, and production designers. The goal: to create a robust media channel providing a new, unique lens from the perspective of the 99%.

The means: reporting and helping drive the economic, environmental, political, and social changes ushered in by Occupy Wall Street.
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Sea-level rise
It didn’t matter that people left the parks [or were driven out by right wing police state troopers]. What matters is that Occupy has created a new vocabulary, changed the national conversation, and initiated a new era of global protest.
As a media organization birthed from the movement, the mission is to maintain that lens, to help expand that vocabulary, that conversation, that protest. The establishment loves to claim that Occupy... More
If Occupy had a candidate...Bernie Sanders

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