Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How NASA misleads the world (video)

"An in-depth examination of some of the evidence that indicates that the Earth is not a spinning, orbiting globe"
The Biggest Lie of All?
Puppet Test PilotWhen I was kid I always sensed that we were being lied to in school. It was obvious. I reported it to my parents, and they became angry, "Who are you to question it? You learn what they tell you." I did, but I doubted, I questioned, I got in trouble. 

After a while, I thought everyone knew we were being lied to. I would marvel that anyone still believed somethings that had obviously been debunked. There was another world, a world of lore, mythology, and things handed down. If you want to be thought silly you can study it, ancient Greek stuff and the like. It means you are educated, the Iliad, the Odyssey. 

The Jewish/Christian Bible was constantly referred to in the culture. Scientific assumptions, most of them wrong, were adhered to and never questioned until they were revised. Then everyone just switched without batting an eye. The thing they would scoff at, attack you for, then exile you on account of as an outcast or persona non grata they then switched to. They didn't decry themselves or think, "Maybe this is not the only thing I was being lied to about." 

Buddhism, unlike Christianity, does not call for blind faith. It calls for confidence and keen investigation. In the Kalama Sutra, the Buddha calls for free inquiry. This is foolishly taken to mean, "Believe whatever you want because you could be right." It actually means, "There are true things; strive to see them. It will be for your benefit for a long time."
(New Horizons) British go bonkers and dare to discuss actual evidence

This video, on the preposterous and ridiculous subject of the earth being flat like we all always believed, shows up how much we're being lied to about -- NASA's space program (and we're not told about the secret space program), the propaganda films our country made to prove to the world we were landing on the moon live when it was so obviously faked footage.

Have we gone to the moon? I think so. But we sure did not go in 1969 and show what was found in real time. That is a self-evident hoax with innumerable flaws, not the least of which is, "How was the take off from the moon filmed? They left an astronaut down there to get the shot then came back for him?"

Doubt, think, question, investigate. That's why were showing this video, and that's why recommend even outlandish claims. They may not propose the correct interpretation, but they sure show that the faith we have now is foolish, unfounded, the product of lying, and "science" has become the new unquestionable religion with white lab coat clad priests. Question them. They're wrong.

What is right? We don't know, and we have to keep searching. Our government funds secret projects we are not told about in the mainstream media, which come out through whistleblowers and slip ups, so the scientific method is being used somewhere -- but there founded on better assumptions than we get in mainstream universities and training schools.

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