Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween costumes: Why I'm going as Hitler

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Mr. Elfman, Forbidden Zone; Dead Kennedys, "Halloween"

This is no costume. It's Mr. Hitler, USA
Here's why I'm going as Adolf Hitler, German F├╝hrer, and why you should, too. But don't copy me. Be something worse:

George Bush, Trump, Kavanaugh, serial killer Dahmer, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Than Shwe, Hillary, a happy prostitute, ghost, racist cop, slut, the Devil, Jesus, child molester, Catholic priest, US soldier...

Pope makes deal with a devilish demon
Nazi officer, sexy nurse, sexy homeless person, clown, funny fat person, AIDS victim, witch, a guy in black face, deformed person, Fat Buddha (Budai), Muhammad, a man in a dress, a pregnant nun, furry, a Star Wars character like Darth Vader, a gorilla, a drug dealer, a gay raver, a superheroine, Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Harvey Weinstein, Obama, OJ Simpson, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Anne Frank, Genghis Khan, Mao Zedong, Pamela Anderson, a whirling dervish, a fairy, a queen, a gal in a gray business suit... The sky's the limit, as are the depths of hell.

Dress up as a gang rapist? That's going too far!
Why is Halloween (Samhain, Obon, Day of the Dead) the best holiday ("holy day") of the year? It is precisely because we live in a hypocritical society with many verboten (banned, off-limits, out of bounds, beyond the pale) topics.

You don't believe in devils, d'ya?
This, therefore, is the only day of the year we can face our fears, our hypocrisy, our foibles. And we can show our society that it needs to shape up and more closely adhere to our lofty ideals.

It's not easy agreeing with a jerk like Megyn Kelly, who still claims "Santa Claus is white" and "blackface is fine."

Hey, bitch, I'm going to the party as a sexy elf. That's stupid! I'm going as a sexy she-devil.
Danny Elfman in "Forbidden Zone" -- a movie about Venice Beach, LA, by his brother.

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