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Mysterious discoveries in Egypt (video)

Origins Explained, Oct. 8, 2018; Crystal Quintero, CC Liu, Xochitl (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Most Mysterious Discoveries Made in Egypt
Let's look at the most mysterious discoveries made in Egypt. This Top 10 list of recent bizarre archaeological discoveries from Egypt is baffling scientists. What are they?

10. Mystery Heads: Finding disembodied heads underground in an Ancient Egyptian tomb sounds like something from a horror movie. But don’t worry, they’re not real heads. As for what they were doing there, the jury’s still out. The heads are a bit of a mystery to this day. The first examples were discovered in 1894 and since then, over 30 have been located. They were nicknamed ‘reserve heads’ because… well, they looked like a bunch of spare heads!

9. The Giza Void: It’s amazing how even the oldest landmarks can still surprise you. In 2017 experts were very surprised when examining the legendary Great Pyramid of Giza on the West Bank of the Nile. As you may know, but just in case you don’t this ancient wonder of the world was built for Pharaoh Khufu and is the largest one of three.

8. Kites Mysterious: lines in the Egyptian deserts have been seen from the air for around a century. Everyone was wondering what they were! It turns out, they’re made up of little stone walls, not very high at all, in a kite-style formation. Some of them are as long as 40 miles. Even more mysterious was the fact that they lead toward a pit in the sand.

7. King Tut’s Mummy: One of the great mysteries of Ancient Egypt is the circumstances surrounding the death of King Tutankhamun. Howard Carter found his legendary tomb in 1922 and made him a historical superstar. What’s maybe not as well known is that King Tut died very young, while in his teens.

6. Black Boxes: If you thought the Great Pyramid of Giza sounded mysterious, wait till you hear about what was found in Memphis! In a cave network 12 miles away from Giza, 24 big black boxes were found. They weigh 100 tons each and are so unusual that some believe them to be alien artifacts!

5. Lost Labyrinth: In the vicinity of the Middle Egyptian city of Faiyum, 62 miles (100 km) southwest of Cairo, there is an area known as Faiyum Oasis. Supposedly, there lies what’s left of one of the most immense and talked-about structures of Ancient Egypt…the mysterious Lost Labyrinth.

4. That’s a Wrap: Though people don’t know a lot about Ancient Egypt, there are certain things everybody knows about, hopefully. Egypt is famous for its pyramids and also the mummies. Examples have been found of mummies that don’t look the way you’d expect. Take this one in the Louvre museum in Paris. It’s an exhibit in the long-established Department of Egyptian Antiquities, which is made up of an impressive 30 rooms showcasing all manner of finds.

3. The Dendera Light: While we believe the light bulb is a relatively modern invention, some commentators would dispute this. In fact they’d go so far as to say the Ancient Egyptians had access to a power source that gave them things like electric light way before it was officially invented!

2. Exploding Pyramid: So I just mentioned a possible power supply in ancient Egypt. But what if I told you about another theory on this subject that takes place on a MUCH bigger scale? It all revolves around that classic image we associate with the time…a pyramid.

1. The Building of the Pyramids: I know, we’ve talked a lot about pyramids but this is a video about Ancient Egypt! What did you expect? After many, many years, the question still is, how did the pyramids get built in the first place? The construction of these mighty structures is a matter of ongoing debate between pros and amateurs alike. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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