Monday, October 22, 2018

Native Los Angeles: Garden Fund

"We have to save Native LA!"
Haramokgna is in the Angeles National Forest of Los Angeles County. It opened in 1998 with a special use permit in a former fire station.

The site where Haramokgna sits is on Red Box Saddle -- the first resting spot on the trek from the sea to the desert.  So the people came here to gather the bounty of the mountains -- the pine trees and pine nuts, the bay laurel, the black oak acorns...

The people also came together to renew family ties, trade songs, stories, and gossip, and to meet eligible marriageable youth from the other side of the mountains.

The front building is being converted into an interpretive exhibit of the five [Los Angeles] tribes of the San Gabriel Mountains: Tongva/Kizh (Gabrieleno), Chumash, Tataviam (Fernandeno), Kitanemuk, and Serrano.

These five tribes explored in their pre-contact relationships with the land and with each other via the trade routes through these mountains. More

Urgent campaign
Urgent campaign to fund a new ethnobotanical garden (donate:

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