Friday, October 5, 2018

Secret reunion "Nirvana" show (video)

Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; CalJam 2018 (

(Bionic Buzz, Oct. 7, 2018) The new and improved "Nirvana" Reunion with Joan Jett as Kurt Cobain but, sadly, no Bean Cobain, San Manuel Amphitheater (aka Glen Helen Festival Grounds), "Smells Like Teen Spirit" CalJam 2018

(HENT - Nirvana Tributo Rio) Nirvana REUNION live at CalJam, Oct. 6, 2018, with guests John McAulay, Joan Jett, and Brody Dalle plus Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Pat Smear.

(Canal NB, Oct. 7, 2018) Nirvana reunion at Cal Jam 2018 (full show) Nirvana meets at the Foo Fighters festival in California. Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear played "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "In Bloom," and more with Joan Jett, Brody Dalle, and John McCauley.

Led Zep Greta Van Fleet also plays
Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters headline CalJam 2018, but rumor has it everything is set for a big surprise -- three members of Nirvana. Kurt -- who was most likely murdered by [__________*] and did not commit suicide if one examines the ample evidence ignored by local authorities who shut down the investigation prematurely -- was a Buddhist. And he was in a great deal of psychic pain. He named his band Nirvana, which means "the end of all suffering."

Legend Iggy Pop also plays the show to show up dull Billy Idol

Masters Tenacious D is on the show!
So with Dave, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear on hand, all that's needed is a nice hologram or a Beck-type stand-in, maybe Eddie Vedder singing the old hits. CalJam is a big show just outside of L.A. up the 15 Freeway at the Glen Helen Pavilion festival grounds, site of all the big hard rock shows. It's a cool climate for it, with a sudden spell of fall weather. If everyone there is able to say they saw "Nirvana," don't act like everyone wasn't warned in advance. There are so many bands that it might be a good show anyway. Stay tuned because a bigger, better show featuring System of a Down is coming to town. Tickets

The lineup is known ( and now so are the set times, so prepare well.

*She's known to be very litigious and if we write her name, her lawyers are likely to get bent out of shape, and it might hurt her daughter's feelings, too, so figure it out.The principal private investigator's book pointed the finger right at her. This is not our "opinion." This is what the evidence says.

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