Friday, December 23, 2011

News of the World: Overwhelm

Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly

Recreate your life by eliminating limiting beliefs -- free! Wait, wait, don't tell me: There's a catch? It's free online for a few beliefs, and there is a free training if it works enough to feel the difference. Those negative patterns will stay. They cannot eliminate themselves. It's not like when there is no caption needed. Work it out, or act it out. We have a choice. We have many choices! We just need to become aware that we have them. Two heads are better than one?

The war on Iraq is changing -- not ending. Did anyone count the murdered? We invaded, killed, and stole. Somebody must have been keeping score ( We have a heart, so we need to use it. Occupy Wall Street couldn't get to church, but they tried. There will be no occupying houses of worship: Most of them will be closed, at least of the Protestant variety. How could the lord let the shopping holiday season end on a Sunday?

Still, it is probably better than going to Chinese Disneyland. As Americans we shoplift instead, to a staggering degree. Why? We want what we're told to want -- even if we can't afford to go into further debt to get it. The ads, marketers, and psychologists have been too effective. Even Amish girls are no longer safe.

It's a countdown to 2012, so maybe we'll never have to pay those bills? Shopping while black gets one pepper sprayed as police increasingly act like a military force. We are living under two (or more) unlucky moons. And one is sometimes fully eclipsed as giant tsunami rolls across Alabama skies. Violence escalates in Syria, and Hillary Obama can pretend we are so upset that we have to depose Pres. Al-Assad like Libya's Kaddafi.

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