Friday, December 16, 2011

The Gilliland UFO Ranch (audio)

TEnlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (ECETI); Wisdom Quarterly

James Gilliland is an internationally recognized author (Reunion With Source, Becoming Gods, and his latest bestseller The Ultimate Soul Journey), speaker, and ET contactee.

He is the founder of the Self Mastery Earth Institute, Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conferences as well as the ECETI Ranch, an internationally known UFO and paranormal hotspot.

After a near death experience Gilliland left his material life in the world of commercial real estate. He began a 34-year spiritual journey which has included the study of religions, the TIC Teachings of the Inner Christ, and studies at the Tibetan Foundation, where is certified as a channel of the highest consciousness and energy. He also holds initiations by lamas and yogis and has been given the name Ridgzin Norbu ("Jewel of Pure Awareness").

AUDIO: Gilliland interview ()

He is also a certified Kunlun Neigung instructor, having dedicated his life to one of service for the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth.

Gilliland was featured in John Savage and Michael Knight's documentary "Contact Has Begun." He is also featured on A&E's "Paranormal State," the films "Orbs The Veil is Lifting" and "Thrive," and the History Channel's "UFOs Then and Now: UFO Hot Spots."

He has been featured on various news shows including ABC and FOX News, Hannity & Colmes, the BBC, King 5 TV's Evening Magazine (Seattle), Elaine Smitha, Daylene Gates' "Simply Spiritual," and "Off The Record" with Ted Loman. He is also the host of "As You Wish" (, and "Contact Has Begun" talk radio on the World Puja Network.

He has been featured on a variety of radio programs such as William Henry's Revelation Radio and Whitley Streiber's Dreamland Radio. He appears regularly on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense's "Sightings," Laura Lee's show "Millennium Mystery," and with Malibu psychic Sean David Morton.

On an appearance on Shine Talk Radio, he demonstrated charging 9 D cell batteries in a row by merely holding them. He duplicated this feat with Above Top Secret during their investigation with UK pop star Robbie Williams by charging dead batteries used in the equipment for the interview. He has also been a keynote speaker at the Int'l UFO Congress, Bay Area UFO Expo, and other international conferences.

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