Thursday, December 29, 2011

Republican Nixon: abusive, alcoholic gay

Pat Macpherson, PFC Sandoval, Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly (OPINION)

*Ha ha ha, sob sob sob* To laugh or cry? It is too much hypocrisy to countenance! Republican Dick Nixon was the second worst president in American history, just behind Pres. George Bush and just a hair ahead of the current leader of the corporation, B.S. Obama.

Nixon was a hypocrite who sold out the country, keeping the nation in a protracted war in Southeast Asia, and possibly conspiring in the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, who bested him in the first TV-influenced election in American history.

"Nixon president, you are not my friend."

Dick Nixon to keep from being impeached, famously said to the TV camera, "I am not a crook!" He later angrily told the country that it would be sorry to lose him and not have him to "kick around." All was forgiven when he passed away, after having done some great things in office such as establishing the Environmental Protection Agency and other progressive moves people assume the centrist to slightly right wing Democratic party must have been responsible for.

He was hailed as a Christian conservative hero. New revelations document that he was a homosexual involved in a long term gay relationship with a Florida businessman. The author also states that he was a drunk who beat the First Lady, Kitty Nixon. So much for Christian conservatism from the right wing Republican party, which speaks of conservative "family values" while exhibiting flagrantly hypocritical behavior.

Pres. George Bush (and his ventriloquist Dick Cheney) orchestrated the 9/11 tragedy, a shadow government plot. Bush paid for an abortion and was responsible for killing more people as governor of Texas than any before him; his president father was responsible for uncounted deaths as a war pilot then as head of the CIA; and his grandfather, Prescott Bush, was literally a sponsor of Nazis (not Neo Nazis, actual Nazis). The Patriot Act, ruining the economy, a series of illegal pre-emptive wars, the nation will never forget this unprecedented president.

The Republican party, which might take principled stands from time to time actually now only represents corporate interests while co-opting fundamentalist Christians.

Presidential hopeful and former Republican Speaker Newton "Newt" Gingrich recently admitted to massive voter fraud in Virginia, submitting 1,500 fake signatures. Claiming his wife wanted a divorce, it was revealed that she had no such wishes. Catholic-convert, serial cheater, and all around Washington insider, Gingrich is plummeting in the polls faster than Herman "Koch" Cain crashed and burned. And he's crying to curry sympathy before Iowa voters about to sink his hopes to sit on the petty throne of the White House. Rick Santorum has a better chance.

Gynecologist Ron Paul is the best hope the country has if a Republican is again (s)elected to run the country into the ground for the MIC (military-industrial complex or secret government). But he has been severely tainted by a racism and homophobic scandal, which should quietly please many Republican voters. His "anti-Semitic" stance in a decade of the same newsletters may be harder to explain to ultra-conservative Christian conservative, who also hate Jews but at least have the decency to fear biblical injunctions against being mean to God's chosen people. Sadly, Paul has vowed to cut regulatory agencies in a move that could only please Libertarians and pro-business "trickle down" theorists also known as One Percenters. So much for his Libertarian ideals.

Still a racist president, of which we have had many, sounds better than a sell out like B.S. Obama, who fooled us into believing he stood for "change," "hope," and "peace." Becoming an undeserved Nobel Peace Laureate, he now brags about his extrajudicial execution of boogieman Osama bin Laden, his surges in Afghanistan, his privatization of the US war on Iraq profits (going from public soldiers to private contractors doing the soldiering at a much higher cost benefiting not the US but multinational corporations), his secret incursions into Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, the Middle East with its blossoming "Arab Spring" (a CIA plot to depose no longer useful leaders while pretending democratic processes and the will of the people are bringing them down), and Africa (Libya, Sudan, Somalia, particularly Mogadishu, and the Horn in general).

The fix seems to be in. It is Romney all the way for Iowa, no matter what the voters say: Ron Paul has no chance to be certified the winner with the Republicans doing the counting. Nothing Republicans insist future elections have to avoid voter "fraud" applies to their own caucuses.

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