Sunday, December 25, 2011

When Christmas was "evil" (video)

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WARNING: Death metal music and socially-sanctioned violence. Christmas past was about punishment; Christmas present is about seduction by greed. More

The Scandinavian, European ("Pagan"), and particularly the Polish version of Christmas are a lot different than the Scandinavian Sami mushroom tradition Santa Claus is founded on (as we have explored in previous years).

Back then, back in 2009, this is what Christmas was like. More

Church-friendly Saint Nicholas has a evil twin in diabolical Krampus.

Far from limiting their mayhem to a coal in one's stocking [where magic mushrooms delivered by the local shaman were once dried over the fire], there is going to be trouble, molestation, abduction, and beatings galore for "naughty" behavior.

Is it parents enacting trauma on subsequent generations of imperial conquerors extending back to at least Roman and Greek times? What else explains this anti-indigenous behavior? Krampus is a troll, an ogre (yakkha) in Buddhist cosmology.

In Buddhism the root of "evil" or "unwholesome" (akusala) karma is threefold: greed, hate/fear, and delusion. What used to be an outlet for child abuse is now an invitation to unbridled greed, craving, and trying to satisfy our childish desires in an orgy of presents, sugary treats, and gluttony. Read all about grumpy Krampus at

The word Krampus (sometimes spelled "Grampus," like the grumpy grandpa that, like a lecherous satyr, although it is taboo to say so, molested children) is a derivation of the old German word for “claw,” connecting him to popular conceptions of modern Satan Claws.

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