Friday, December 16, 2011

Tibetan Buddhist "Daughters of Dolma" (film)

Justin Whitaker (American Buddhist Perspective);

A group of enterprising and engaged students from St. Andrews in Scotland journeyed to Nepal with a mission to create a feature-length documentary on contemporary Tibetan Buddhist nuns.

We took our bags and camera to Nepal in June, 2011 to make a film about nuns. Through this film we want to depict them as full human beings beyond their spirituality and red robes.

We also want to question many misinformed assumptions about monastic life and offer another perspective through the nuns’ own personal narratives.

Most of all, we want to show that they are unique individuals, bound together by their vows yet differentiated from each other by their unique personalities and backgrounds. This film released in Spring 2012 but the official film trailer is ready.

We may just be a group of six undergraduates, but our dreams are high. We are determined to produce a masterpiece that will set a higher standard for what a group of passionate and forward-looking undergraduates can collectively produce. More

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