Monday, December 19, 2011

The Zen of Apple's Steve Jobs (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Dianna Dilworth (, Dec. 16, 2011)
From rebel to Zen Buddhist to computer, IT, telephony innovator (with the secret help of the MIC's clandestine services)

The cofounder of Apple Computers was a Buddhist. Steve Jobs began as a rebel dropout on a spiritual search, returning from his quest with the some lessons of Zen -- except for nonattachment and sharing, dying with a useless $8,000,000,000 fortune after repeatedly selling out.

Had he continued as a rebel, he might not have had such scorn for effective cancer cures, instead buying into and clinging to expensive proprietary science that led to his death. Cancer does not kill nowadays; officially sanctioned oncology "treatments" (chemo, radiation, surgery) do.

The former rebel could do no more than cling in fear, trusting highly paid "experts" who have a track record of "curing" no one and showing scorn for alternatives with track records. Paradoxically, with allopathic medicine, one can only hope for a spontaneous remission as divine intervention. Cancer is a symptom of toxicity.

Fear kills. And so long as people give away their power out of fear, the medical establishment will grow richer, people will raise more money for research (that is only permitted into drugs, surgery, and radioactive bombardment of the body -- expensive procedures that would kill a healthy person. Why not bring back leeching, bloodletting, and trepanning?

A new hagiography: "The Zen of Steve Jobs"

The Zen of Steve Jobs
In September, creative agency JESS3 and Forbes released a 60-page graphic novel about Steve Jobs called The Zen of Steve Jobs. The book is set in the 1980s in the period when Jobs was kicked out of Apple. The companies have now released a video explaining how the book was made and what they hope to accomplish with it. “In the end what we hope people will take away from The Zen of Steve Jobs is a complex understanding of Steve,” says Caleb Melby, the book’s author. More

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