Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Sex, Mom, & God" - the Bible and women

To say that Frank Schaeffer’s new book is just a good book about politics, religion, and the motherly role of women in the family unit would be an injustice.

[It is] a work that alternates from heartwarming, to thought-provoking, to laugh out loud funny!

Schaeffer brilliantly guides the reader through an exploration of the Bible’s strange, intolerant, and sometimes frightening attitudes about sex.

And [he looks at] how these Biblical teachings, through the evangelical grassroots of the Republican Party, have come to dominate the GOP stance on any issue related to sex -- abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, and so on.

The heart and soul of the book is the author’s mother, Edith Schaeffer, “She presided over our household by glowing brightly for Jesus and exuding kindness for everyone she met...” More

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