Monday, December 9, 2013

Iceland liberates itself from its gov't (video)

(The R.E.A.L. Institute - Max Bliss) The people of Iceland forced their corrupt government to resign. A citizens' assembly was created to rewrite the constitution. The banks were nationalized, and it was decided not to pay debt PRIVATE banks created. All of this was accomplished peacefully. What would happen if the rest of the world followed this example?

In spite of a wall of silence by the American mainstream media, Icelanders took to the street and ousted everyone from its government, forcing all members to resign. Ask your relatives in Iceland, because you won't be hearing about it on the US evening news.
The unprecedented move followed the worst financial crisis the world had ever seen, which in 2008 set motion the worldwide bank and real estate crises. It all began in relatively safe and isolated Icelandic banking system, which are nevertheless connected to the Euro zone system.
(TYT) Ron Paul: Iceland dismantles corrupt gov't then arrests all

Bjork loves her Scandinavian homeland
Iceland, a green wonderland and home of Bjork (apparently its main export), took to the streets and peacefully replaced the incompetent government and took to rewriting its constitution in a citizens' referendum. Government agents may have colluded with bankers and high finance traders to enrich themselves personally. That will have to be worked out later if ever. In the meantime, Iceland gets a fresh starts. World governments seem terrified that anyone find out that such a thing is possible.

Iceland is closer than most Europeans think and far stranger than anyone imagines. Over the millennia, glaciers, erosion, and tectonic movement have shaped the land. Winter is amazing as white snow accentuates black lava fields and the dark sky is suddenly disturbed by dancing, flickering veils of Northern Lights. In spring the sun climbs ever higher, warming the earth, and the green vegetation turns a picturesque red, yellow, or brown. It is a paradise for bird watchers. Látrabjarg in the West Fjords is the largest birdcliff in the known world. Iceland is among the 10 best destinations for whale and dolphin watching just offshore in the Grundar fjord and Kolgrafar fjord on the north coast of the Snaefellsnes peninsula.
Bloody coups and deposings (depositions?) are the norm in the history we hear. If such a thing were known to have taken place peacefully and by popular revolt -- which was easier in Iceland with its small, homogenous, and unified population -- citizens or libertarians might get the idea to "occupy" their capitals.

Is there a movement across the globe? The Ukraine, formerly a part of Scandinavian Finland and Russia, wants to join the Euro zone. Russia will not stand for it. The solution? A long standing protest and demonstration continues in the Ukraine. Lenin statue toppled in symbolic challenge to Ukrainian government.
"Compassion is revolution" (GR)
Buddhist Thailand is discontented with its government, the Yingluck Shinawatra adminstration, while still loving its king (who is no more involved with actual governing than the British monarchy is seen to fiddle with the country's Parliament). The solution? A long standing protest and demonstration continues in Bangkok and is growing beyond the capital. This is part of an older direct action between Red Shirts (radicals) and Yellow Shirts (reactionaries).

Now Singapore, an idyllic police state in Asia, is being rocked by an unexpected series of protests. This is unheard of in modern Singapore, an economic powerhouse that traded its civil liberties for order and productivity. But it did once happen in the sixties. Singapore shocked by worst riots since 1969.

Psychotic DARPA Dr. Regina Dugan aims to "chip" everyone (Google)

Headlines as we lose our freedoms

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