Monday, December 16, 2013

Topless REVOLUTION in Ukraine (video)

What is underlying the revolution in the Ukraine, an oppressed part of old Soviet Union?

Revolution goes on! Ukrainians, stay strong!
Topless protest (censored for US audience) Ukraine to EU! Revolution goes on! (femen)
Russia's Pussy Riot supports Femen
FEMEN (a pro-freedom, anti-patriarchy movement) supports the EuroMaidan struggle of the Ukrainian people suffering under a totalitarian government who wish to align with the EU.

FEMEN supports every single demonstrator who right now is at Independence Square (the Maidan) protesting dictatorship in the country and the undue influence of old-and-cold friend Russia -- fighting instead for a better future along European standards.

EuroMaiden demonstrations with 200,000+ protesters, ma ''Гімн України'' 200 тисяч людей на #Євромайдан #Euromaidan #Евромайдан (Dec. 14, 2013)

Police oppress demonstrators (Guardian)
FEMEN calls on everyone who is still sitting at home to get out and to join the struggle for freedom. The world has to finally hear the voice of the nation and not be drowned out by betrayers of the nation, such as Pres. Yanukovich!

John McCain (USA) in Kiev church
FEMEN joins the fight and will fight for our country, and our freedoms, and our right to be back home! The Orange Revolution was the beginning of fight; the revolution still goes on. There is no elevator on the way to freedom. We have to take the stairs! So, let's move on. Go Ukraine! Ukraine to EU!

Why is right wing Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) meeting with the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Kiev and meddling in Ukrainian affairs? (See photo at right). Along with Democratic party traitor Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) stripped protections, McCain pushed the draconian "indefinite detention" bill called the NDAA. It gives Obama and all future American presidents the authority to indefinitely imprison (disappear, erase , undo) any American citizen without trial, without charges, without telling anyone, and without a chance of anyone doing anything about it.

The military-industrial-congressional complex has incredible reach. It is not only about control of the US government. The powers that be, with the help of UN military forces, are aiming to take control of the world.
Visiting FEMEN's Topless Boot Camp
WARNING: Exposed breasts, topless protests! (BBC/AH 2013) A visit to boot camp: BBC Newsnight's Zoe Conway went to the Paris headquarters of FEMEN -- feminist activists whose trademark is the "topless ambush."

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