Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Iceland: 100% increase in police killings (video)

Amber Larson and Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; TheWorld (BBC+PRI); Euronews
WARNING: Girl fight with senseless violence as Bjork attacks female reporter in Thailand!

I'll kill you, fart-chicken!
The world's most famous Icelander, the angelic singer Bjork, goes ape sh-t in once peaceful Buddhist Thailand -- violently attacking a reporter at Bangkok Airport. Why? Iceland is deep, a green Scandinavian wonderland, but wild. (Unlike Greenland, which is full of ice). Bjork sings, "I am a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl." That, or she was on something. It's like her song in the movie "Sucker Punch" -- full of girls fighting to Bjork's "Army of Me." She wasn't kidding.

"Babydoll" fights everyone in her way to Bjork's "Army of Me"

Police killing is first in country's history
(EuroNews) A gunman has [been killed] after a shootout with police in the Icelandic suburb of Reykjavík on Monday morning, reportedly becoming the first person in Iceland to be killed by a bullet shot by a police officer, who do not carry guns.... Police returned fire. According to eyewitnesses, some sort of smoke bomb was thrown into the apartment... Armed police entered the man's apartment at around 06:00 am and [shot] him. More
The One True Yoga
If you're looking for the one true yoga, you're out of luck (TheWorld.org).

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