Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Evidence of alien abduction (shocking video)

Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly; Dr. Roger Leir, M.D., Jamie Maussan, "Mistero"

(Dennis4706) "Alien Abduction of the Fourth Kind"; European ET-human pregnancy: 5:25

True events at shapeshifter Sherman ranch
We are conditioned to laugh and ridicule at so much as the possibility that the Earth is, or has ever been, visited by intelligent extraterrestrials.

Although millions of people have seen UFO craft and reported their sightings, very deliberate government propaganda campaigns have us all dismissing such reports out of hand. It is all nonsense and conspiratorial, something only yokels see and never have evidence to substantiate. 

UFOs (ET craft) in ancient India: vimanas
However, what is really happening is a suppression of evidence and the simultaneous over-exposure of frivolous reports, hoaxes, and strategic distractions.

At one time, according to researcher Robert Morningstar (, the US had to convince the USSR that Americans did not believe in UFOs. This was because such objects were appearing and being tracked all over Russia. Russians suspected that they were in fact futuristic American technology. 

(History Channel) "Russia's Roswell" at the secret Cold War era military base Kapustin Yar

What Big Business wants, that's what we do...
Psychological warfare led our secretive government to convince Russia that it had no involvement as Americans did not believe in such things. Disinformation was deployed to ensure that. This happened in spite of the Roswell incident in New Mexico, USA, in 1947 and the day after (and "Mexico's Roswell" in 1974, Canada's Roswell in 1967, Russia's Roswell in 1948, Brazil's Roswell in 1977, Britain's Roswell in 1980) and the bringing down of similar craft then reverse engineering the technology aboard.

National reports (
There are in fact many groups with various purposes, some beneficent others artificial and maleficent. Yet how we view them depends so much on our government, its mainstream media partners, and our conditioning. We can laugh, but since truth is much stranger than fiction, we choose to investigate. Everyone else will come to believe when the military-industrial complex wants them to. And it's a safe bet that that will be for self-serving purposes.

(IC) "Skinwalker Ranch" A scientific research team investigates
and documents the supernatural phenomena surrounding the
disappearance of a cattle rancher's son. Inspired by true events.

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