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Why Wisdom Quarterly covers "strange" topics

Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly;; C2C 
The Buddha in a variety of dimensions (Cornelia Kopp/AlicePopkorn/
Gibberish? (Arkiharha/flickr)
Ever wonder why Wisdom Quarterly discusses such "silly" and "senseless" topics as mythology, science, religion(s), devas, extraterrestrials, UFOs (vimanas), heavens (worlds in space), Himalayan Yetis, Pacific Northwestern Sasquatches, giants, monsters, "magic," DMT, yoga, the Vedas, and the like? (See second video below).

It is a good question best answered by Dr. Michael Cremo, who appeared last night on Coast to Coast's 550+ stations across the U.S. talking about all of these and more -- placing them in a coherent structure or cosmology. Buddhist cosmology is very similar to Vedic/Brahminical Hindu cosmology. The historical Buddha was born into a cultural context, the post Indus River Valley Civilization, likely the oldest in the world.

(Russell Scott) "My Science, My Religion" with Forbidden Archaeologist Michael A. Cremo

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What he addressed, whether confirming or restoring to its correct interpretation, is a view of our universe -- a universe of ETs, shapeshifting light beings, giants, monsters, heavenly planets, other dimensions, magical psychic powers, lost worlds, and so on.

(Or it may be a "multiverse" if all of the dense physical worlds are one universe, the Sensual Sphere, all the subtle material worlds another, the Fine Material Sphere, and all the formless a third universe, the Immaterial Sphere).

In the Kalama Sutra, the Buddha explains why there's no need to argue about faith. Reading excerpts of it can be very misleading. It is an American favorite, a call to free inquiry...
Dr. Cremo, the "forbidden archeologist," brings it all together as a seamless whole, a characteristically "Indian" view of the world, with Hinduism a kind of "religion" that in fact is much more than just a religion. It contains the seeds of all the world's religions. The Buddha and Buddhism are the crowning achievement of India, the cherry atop a sundae of delights.

India and Buddhism
It is sometimes said that all things, when reduced by fire, revert to carbon, and that when carbon is compressed it produces the most adamantine substance known to us, the diamond. Hinduism (or Vedantic Brahmanism) is like that, with Buddhism as its crowning achievement, brilliant, precious, and noble.

Listen to a Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Cremo, or read one of his books, or look through his website. And what he says and gets in trouble for -- crossing into forbidden territory where knowledge filters and gatekeepers demand we not go. 

Wisdom (Simon Diamond/Earth-Spirit/flickr)
We'll be laughed at, like the Buddha and Jesus and shaman seers were/are laughed at. We'll be ridiculed and rejected as ridiculous. We'll never be "respectable" or famous because we refuse to fall into line and simply dutifully report the "consensus reality" about Buddhism or about our world or about why things happen (in the social and political spheres).

Even when Dr. Cremo would seem to be disagreeing with us and favoring Hinduism, we are actually on the same page. He is not a Buddhist, and yet with his research into Eastern Philosophies, mythological histories, and extreme human antiquity, we are sure he would appreciate the distinction the Buddha made between conventional and ultimate language in reaching the ultimate reality.

(ZeroFortyFive) Michael Cremo on "Extreme Human Antiquity"

Aum, the cosmic sound (Taopunk/flickr)
"Forbidden archeologist" Michael Cremo discusses the latest DNA discovery showing that humans like us have existed on Earth and elsewhere far longer than the general scientific community will acknowledge. He also updates his work on ancient aliens and catastrophes in world history and prehistory, staggering cyclical periods of time covered in Buddhist and Indian cosmologies (kalpas, and great-kalpas, or aeons). It is not evolution we see in the fossil record but devolution. Yet, anything that contradicts mainstream Darwinism/evolution is suppressed or altered to conform to preferred and accepted scientific theories. This is the opposite of science, and religious histories tell us more about the big picture when scientific bias and gatekeeping dominate fields like archeology, anthropology, genetics, or biology.

400,000-year-old human DNA extracted
We are all hybrid-Neanderthals?
400,000-year-old human DNA has been extracted from fossils found in a cave in Spain. Initial analysis of the bones led scientists to believe they were most closely related to Neanderthals (such as the thoughtfully pictured reconstruction at right). Yet, the DNA has revealed a connection to an ancient human population from Siberia, known as the Denisovans... More

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