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Don't call things "White Trash" (video)

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; TYT; Clevver News
Imprisoned cult leader and murder Charles Manson (AP/mail.com/entertainment)
(Skylar Grey) "C'mon Let Me Ride" featuring boyfriend Eminem down at the mobile home park.

It would be racist to call anything "white trash" because it suggests a normative standard as if white is not normally trashy. There is a racist joke many do not see as racist that runs, "How many whites does it take to screw in a light bulb? One. Why? If we are the perfectly normal group, the only punchline that works is a completely normal one. Normative.
"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" cancelled after mama June dates ex-con white child molester and denies it in the face of overwhelming investigative evidence about it.

Apparently white is potentially as trashy as any group. That's the truth of the matter, but we hide Appalachia and conceal anything else that might embarrass the group or call it an aberration. We're normative, we're the standard, we can do no wrong.

That's why it's funny when the truth comes out and people say, "That's not us as a group! That's those individuals!" Yet, we fail to understand that that is exactly how other groups feel when lumped together with negative exemplars that do not represent them.
(Kreayshawn straight outta Oakland) "Go Hard (La.La.La)" Hey, Lil' Debbie, do you really, really, really want to go hard? Steal money from your parent and get out the crib to participate in some general mayhem. We'll get Riff Raff and V-Nasty and have a White Girl Mob party! (White People Disclaimer: Kreay and friends only rep themselves, not white ppl!)

I ain'ts no ho so I gots to grab the cash 'n go!
When crimes are reported on the evening news and suspects described, their race is not normally given unless it is other-than-white. And this is odd since most crime in the U.S. in real numbers is committed by whites. The statistics are massaged and presented otherwise -- per capita or as proportions of the the population -- to inflate the significance or salience of non-white crimes. Why would anyone be surprised?

(V-Nasty) and Riff Raff are so "street," boi! (lol) See, all y'all ppl just don't understand!
(JodyHighRoller) V-Nasty and Lil' Debbie "Gotta Ball" as big sh-t poppin and lil sh-t stoppin.

Largely white policing (beat cops), investigating (detectives), gathering (FBI), interpreting (university), and reporting (news) organizations pre-filter and sanitize the truth to make it as "unbiased" and inoffensive (biased) as possible before disseminating it to a largely white public. "White privilege" is almost completely invisible. Fish don't notice water, so why would white take any notice of having it any easier than anyone else. That's not the part of our lives that's salient (apparent and obvious to us).

(TYT) Prof. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur reveal child molestation double standard when it's female teachers. Grant Collins: 7th Heaven actor's child molestation.

"White trash" is not a slur but it is racist.
(Gawker) Two Louisiana high school teachers are in jail after the 16-year-old student they allegedly had a threesome with [in addition to multiple sexual encounters, some of which were videotaped, over a period of time] bragged about the encounter at school, local police say. According to WWLTV, the two bisexual white teachers invited a male student to their home after a football game last month. According to police, the English teachers then had sex with the student until "early morning hours." WGNO says the school began investigating after the student began "bragging to other students that he was having a sexual relationship with teachers." He reportedly told investigators the encounter was consensual. More

(JI, Oct. 22, 2014) After Jerry Springer guests former U.S. Vice President Alaska Governor and current FOX News personality Sarah Palin and her family got involved in a drunken brawl at a party in Anchorage last month, the family tried to explain to the police what had happened. Audio of that amazing conversation has now surfaced. More: rawstory.com

Did you hear? Mama June is dating a white child molester who just got out of prison for sodomizing an 8-year-old. The network said, "We can't have that!" and cancelled America's First TV Family's show. There's incest, racism, drinking, and molestation going on in the woods and mobilehome trailer park?
The Porn Habits of Women
(TYT) CSUN Prof. Ana Kasparian breaks it down with scientific analytics and everything

(Huff Post) What do women want? "Apparently, women like to watch gay [homosexual] sex more than straight sex. In collaboration with BuzzFeed, porn search engine Pornhub produced a study examining data on users' viewing habits, with a specific focus on what women are looking for.

"By segmenting by gender within our analytics tools, we were able to generate anonymized data that brings us one step closer to answering the time old question: what do women want?" reads Pornhub's introduction to the data. "Putting aside the fact that different women surely want different things, the survey's insights are pretty interesting, if not entirely surprising." More

(Miley Cyrus) Forget Britney Spears. Look at me! Look at me instead!

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