Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ed Snowden is "CITIZENFOUR" (film)

(MT) 2014 NSA-whistleblower Edward Snowden documentary by Director Laura Poitras (The Intercept) with Executive Producer Steven Soderbergh. Release date: Friday, Oct. 24, 2014.

Citizenfour (2014) Poster
(Glenn Greewald, The Intercept) CITIZENFOUR, the new film by Intercept co-founding editor Laura Poitras, premiered this evening at the New York Film Festival, and will be in theaters around the country beginning October 24.

Using all first-hand, real-time footage, it chronicles the extraordinary odyssey of Edward Snowden in Hong Kong while he worked with journalists, as well the aftermath of the disclosures for the NSA whistleblower himself and for countries and governments around the world.

The film provides the first-ever character study of Snowden and his courageous whistleblowing, contains significant new revelations about all of these events, and will undoubtedly be discussed for years to come. But one seemingly banal -- yet actually quite significant -- revelation from the film is worth separately highlighting: In July of this year [2014], Snowden’s long-time girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, moved to Moscow to live with him. More

Who is Laura Poitras?
 Laura Poitras (
Laura Poitras is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, and artist. She is currently finishing a trilogy of films about post-9/11 America. The first film, My Country, My Country, was about the U.S. War on Iraq and was nominated for an Academy Award. The second film, The Oath, was about Guantanamo Bay and received two Emmy nominations.

She is currently finishing the third film, CITIZENFOUR, about the NSA’s mass surveillance and Edward Snowden.

In June 2013, she traveled to Hong Kong with Glenn Greenwald to interview Snowden. She has reported on Snowden’s disclosures about the NSA for a variety of news outlets, including, The Intercept, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, and The New York Times.

Her NSA reporting received a George Polk award for National Security Reporting, the Henri Nannen Prize for Services to Press Freedom, and contributed to the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for public service awarded to The Guardian and Washington Post. Her work will be featured at the Whitney Museum in 2016.  Poitras is the recipient of a 2012 MacArthur Fellowship and currently lives in Berlin.

HS harasses Poitras (Decrypted Matrix)
Laura Poitras is a filmmaker whose elegant and illuminating documentaries capture the lives and intimate experiences of families and communities largely inaccessible to the American media. Following an early career in experimental film, Poitras turned her attention to contemporary social issues, offering insight into complex topics. More

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