Friday, October 31, 2014

Freak Show: Life on Earth is Bizarre (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Dark 5, Barnum and Bailey

Space is full of beings (devas/asuras) in vimanas
The Buddha taught that there are different world with different kinds of beings. In some worlds the beings have similar bodies but different minds, in other worlds similar minds with different bodies. But on this Earth (Bhumi), this plane, the being have different bodies and different minds. It is a mixed bag. This world does not represent the only planet/world within the "Human Plane" (manusya loka), which is hard for us to comprehend. But Buddhist cosmology -- like that of Jainism (a fellow non-Vedic, shramanic tradition) and Hinduism (nominally Vedic) -- is very detailed and adamant that other worlds with other (humanoid) beings exist, in addition to other planes (possibly what we would call "dimensions") and other "world-systems" (which may refer to other solar systems, galaxies, or universes) like adjacent bubbles in the sky/space (the akasha).

See elusive planet Mercury from Earth (Geoff Gafferty/

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