Friday, October 17, 2014

"Dear White People" (video)

"Dear White People" opens Oct. 17 in select cities, nationwide on Oct. 24 (facebook)

OK, you win, we'll see the movie!
Remember when all the power was disproportionately in the hands of White men? It still is, isn't it?

Not since HBO's phenomenally brilliant episode "Oh You Men" (Season 3, Episode 3) -- the official "lost episode" of "Mr. Show with Bob and David" (featuring the future voice of Spongebob Squarepants as ventriloquist Wally P. Doyle -- has talk about differences, whether based on race or privilege or gender, so infuriated an audience that hasn't even seen the satirical show.

I vill not tolerate uprisings or lip!
Not since "Higher Learning" (or "School Daze" before it) has a movie gone onto a make believe American college campus to tackle the thorny subject of race relations in so racist a nation as ours, which takes one step forward only to fall two steps behind. Special thanks to Officer Darren Wilson and vigilante George Zimmerman for unveiling the hatred and aversion that still brews in the dark underbelly of American society that tells the world it is the "freest nation on Earth."

McCain and I are with you, Barry! Golf?
Isn't racism still alive and well in the US? Recently Rush Limbaugh was reported as saying/rationalizing on his popular show that the left "wants Ebola to come to America" through our "porous borders" to kill Americans, get this, as a "punishment for slavery." God's retribution? Reparations via the U.S. created Liberia ("Liberty-land" originally conceived of as a place for emigres from the racist U.S. to find refuge when "sent back to Africa").

The rabid rightwing radio host was not joking. And even if he is intelligent enough to discern that saying such a thing is like getting two birds with one stone, race baiting and attacking progressives, his listeners will surely be provoked to irrational fear, blaming, and galvanizing to the reactionary, Christian fundamentalist, Klan-loving/Republican/Libertarian/Tea Party right.

(DGD/HBO) See Minute 3:30 where the musical worlds of Rap and Hip-Hop and their East Coast/West Coast rivalry affects the burgeoning world of popular ventriloquism (lol).

Liberia and Ebola?
Liberia, west Africa, map (
[Ebola? Why infect or undermine places like Gaza, Haiti, and Liberia and treat them like big test tubes or weapons laboratories or designer enhanced contagious disease farms? Epidemiology can be profitable for Big Pharma, just as Israel is profitable for war profiteers and arms dealers. The pharmaceutical industry makes invasive and expensive chemical poisons to treat symptoms. But there has to be something more in it for the military-industrial complex to get involved than making private money by bankrupting public coffers.]

Statue of Liberty, NY, is shackled like a slave.
[Where/what is Liberia?] "The [white] slaveholders were anxious to rid themselves of troublemakers, fearful that a growing number of free blacks would cause those still in slavery to demand freedom and eventually revolt," said Gabriel Williams, the Liberian author of Liberia: Heart of Darkness, who now lives as an exile in Sacramento, California. The movement led to the 1816 establishment of the American Colonization Society (ACS), which was tasked with handling the emigration. Its first president was Bushrod Washington, a nephew of President Washington. Society agents soon went to West Africa to find and purchase suitable land. At home, the ACS encouraged slaveholders to offer their slaves freedom on the condition that those accepting it would move to Liberia. More

The only way anyone can actually be completely free is through enlightenment and the liberation it entails. In the meantime we have to strive to be mentally, socially, and economically free.
- Wisdom Quarterly

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