Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stop Mass Incarceration WALK OUT (Oct. 22)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; StopMassIncarcerationNetwork.net
We must stand up as a nation against police-criminals, racism, sexism, and brutality.

Protests grow in Ferguson, MO (AP)
October marks a month of resistance all across the country. #Oct22 is the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality and the Criminalization of a Generation (#o22Walkout, #o22). Peaceful demonstrations, protests, vigils, and walk outs will take place across the country  in Los Angeles, California, Ferguson, Missouri, Oakland, New York, as well as other major cities. Take a pledge of resistance standing on the side of social justice, equality, and civilian safety opposed to crimes by law enforcement and the military-industrial complex, bias, and an incremental police state.

Comedy: What is Mass Incarceration?

(Anna Hutsol/FEMEN.org/RT.com) WARNING: Topless nudity and mild gore! 
"The Bloodbucket Challenge" is a campaign to stop Ukrainian bloodshed by Russian invaders. The USA is all about money and violence, but the rest of the world is also pro-sex and fine with nudity unlike us and our uptight social consciousness that thinks nothing of films like Brad Pitt's "Fury" glorifying war, murder, invasion, and the military-industrial complex that drives the capitalist putsch to profit from war and endless conflict.

Stop sexism, violence, and patriarchy!
Feminist activists for gender equality (WQ)
FEMEN protested against Putin’s visit to Milan and accused the ASEM Summit of ignoring the ongoing bloodshed of Ukrainian people.

In the center of Milan in the early morning, FEMEN activists appeared topless carrying red buckets full of blood.
FEMEN in the US
Sextremists surprised the local media when they poured blood on themselves in front of the crowd as journalists gawked at their boobs in the main square of Milan.
With this act FEMEN reminds the world about Putin’s criminal policy against Ukraine, which has been going on for months. Inside leaders are welcoming Russia's own Mussolini, shaking his hand. Inside members of ASEM, more than 50 presidents in all, are collaborating with Putin and accepting his terror-policies.

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