Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Astonishing" malware linked to NSA spying

Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Ryan Gallagher (
The NSA is watching You, and now the rights you did not fight for are lost.
My computer has sucked for years because of NSA and CIA spyware, malware, back doors placed with the help and knowledge of computer manufacturers pressured by US spies (WQ).

"The Very Naughty Whistle-blower" (Tom Tomorrow/
Researchers Find ‘Astonishing’ Malware Linked to NSA Spying
Tell me your secrets; I won't tell anyone (N
(Feb. 17, 2015) Security researchers have uncovered highly sophisticated malware that is linked to a secret National Security Agency (NSA) hacking operation exposed by The Intercept last year. Russian security firm Kaspersky published a report Monday documenting the malware, which it said had been used to infect thousands of computer systems and steal data in 30 countries around the world... More

Thousands Join Legal Fight Against UK Spying — You Can, Too 
Thousands Join Legal Fight Against UK Surveillance — And You Can, Too
GCHQ is the United Kingdom's own NSA.
(Feb. 18, 2015) Thousands of people are signing up to join an unprecedented legal campaign against the United Kingdom’s leading electronic surveillance agency. On Monday, London-based human rights group Privacy International launched an initiative enabling anyone across the world to challenge covert spying operations involving Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, the National Security Agency’s British counterpart. The campaign... More
I am not Big Brother watching you; the anonymous face of the NSA is! (Ed Snowden)

When peaceful protesters and demonstrators speak up, local police violate our rights.

"The N.S.A. Comes Clean" (Tom Tomorrow/

Did you see Laura Poitras' film of Ed Snowden? Did you read Greenwald's book?
You may want to check The Interecept, and, and the Pacifica Evening News

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