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I was a "climate denier" and here's why

Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Seth Auberon (edited by Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven), Wisdom Quarterly
Crash and burn: sending toxic oil smoke into the sky and back onto the land (AP).
Particles of plastic pollution in ocean water (Cheryl Corley/Sherri Mason/npr.org).
Niagra Falls froze twice in 2014, seen here under colored lights and likely a light of dusting of toxic chemtrail residue from spraying. (Reuters.com/DailyMail.co.uk)
Give a toot, don't pollute. Methane bubbles rise.
Of course the weather is out of whack and warming, and of course human air pollution, deforestation, ocean corruption, and secret government weather modification are impacting it.

But "science" -- those go-along-to-get-along "scientists" who hide behind the veneer of pure objective science, the concept, are lying and massaging the data.

Plastic debris floats to the sea (npr.org).
The right wing extremists -- with mainstream media outlets like FOX News, Coast to Coast, KFI (I Heart Radio, Inc.), and so on -- crying foul have at least one point: the reason to scare people with dire predictions is to promote consumer capitalism by passing laws that establish the trading of "carbon credits" which should be called "pollution passes" as if good (ubiquitous) carbon were the problem.

The stifling smog in Asia (Reuters.com)
Methane from animal raising and slaughter is far worse, the way diesel is worse than gas fumes. Methane comes hand in hand with deforestation. How? It happens because of profit-motivated ranching. Land that used to have forest is cut and burned (then washes away without protective cover so that more is needed) to make room for cows and ungulates.
  • We think rancher, Democrat, multi-millionaire, elected U.S. President Al Gore is a hero for "An Inconvenient Truth" but he conveniently left out the truth that cow and pig ranching (raising for slaughter) is the Number 1 polluter in the U.S. next to corporations and cars. Why did he not mention this problem at all? To preserve his family millions? Good movie, great presentation, but bias is bias, and it stinks of bias so that all non-Democrats pounce and disassemble and then lie about the problem. Thanks for nothing, Al. Thanks for caving in when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney stole the election and made a mess of the world, now with help from Obama.
The warming problem is not limited to this planet. David Wilcock (the new Edgar Cayce at divinecosmos.com and on Gaiam TV) and others have noted that all the planets in the solar system are heating up. This is due to solar emanations, possibly neutrinos or ordinary waves or less protective atmosphere on our blue globe.

Sunset over cloudy often flooded Thailand, Southeast Asia (happySUN/flickr.com).
Freezing Horseshoe Falls in Canada's portion of Niagara Falls (AP, Feb. 19, 2015).
Some global warming may be due to a natural fluctuation, but it is still a hazard that we are making worse. The Koch (not pronounced "coke" but man-chicken) Brothers and groups like ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). We need to do something, but what? Carbon credits and the "magic of the [corporate] marketplace" certainly will not solve the problem.

Oligarchs say FOX is "fair and balanced."
Republicans join Democrats in wanting this false fix. Libertarians go too far blaming pollution-regulation as if restricting the poisoning of our environment were a problem. We need more honest regulation, and the government and the EPA (the euphemistically and laughably named Environmental Protection Agency) are corrupt and in collusion with corporations. Progressives swing too far in a better solution that will not fix the whole problem. Of course we need to pollute less, but that will not be enough.

(Women4Truth/Wanda Allen) "Look Up: Undeniable Evidence of Toxic Chemtrails." More at ChemTruthers and facebook.com/infopowerment. Wanda Allen presents today's dire climate engineering issue. Assertive action has to be taken to educate humans and expose climate engineering crimes.
Look up! The Shadow Government (the black budget projects that are arms of various compartmentalized government agencies -- CIA, Pentagon, EPA, DHS, FBI, the whole alphabet) is laying down extremely toxic nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, red blood cells, and more. Streams of persistent aerosol trails made of chemicals linger, spread, create haze, and drop to the ground and our lungs. This began in 1997 and has now gone worldwide.

Yeah, look up, *vocal fry.* We need more ozone to protect my beautiful skin.
It is worse over big cities like Los Angeles and Bangkok, Beijing and Dallas, your town and mine. Some may be promoting global cooling -- and that's a big might because rather than just reflecting heat, cloudy white haze also traps heat and is used to create or worsen drought in one area and flooding in others. California is being hit hard with an unnatural drought, and the East Coast is freezing over. Tremendous hurricanes used to be an annual unnatural set of disasters with their own season, thanks in part to H.A.A.R.P. manipulations. Now the plan has changed.

But the pollution, cooling, warming, or what we at Wisdom Quarterly call "climate chaos" to avoid confusion and emphasize the fact that any tampering has unpredictable consequences, is worsening.
Niagara Falls freezing over between northeast U.S. and Eastern Canada (Huff Post).

This Changes Everything
 If Republicans and right wing extremists say it isn't happening at all or that a new Ice Age is approaching (which brilliant Brooks Agnew said just last night on Coast to Coast and not he alone but the longtime meteorologist who created the Weather Channel and another author), they feed into the Koch Brothers' and military-industrial complex's greed. Carbon is not the problem. More fundamentally, as Naomi Klein and others point out, disaster capitalism and its shock doctrine is the problem. The Sun is doing something different. As consumers we are being led to slaughter by waste, planned obsolescence.

Who/what do you want me to kill?
Monsanto, Inc. is killing us on purpose and incidentally while promising that they will be feeding us in the future. Hope everyone likes GMOs and plants that will no longer grow in overly alkalized soil.

"We are in this together" (uniqueusa.com)
What's ruining the soil for plants? It's the heavy metals and other chemical toxins falling out of the sky after being sprayed as particulate matter "chemtrails" -- the persistent clouds that are not condensation trails but called that by apologists and the same sort of scientists we think are there to save us. Look up.

We have to save ourselves because things are afoot. If we remain asleep, we will die in our sleep, and not just us but our children, relatives, friends, and fellow earthlings of all species.

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