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POT: legal in DC, Alaska, munchies, glut, risk

Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; LA Weekly
Now there's a glut of marijuana, and corporations are champing at the bit to get in and turn cannabis into the new top drug of our drug-loving society. Here Pioneer Production and Processing's Ashley Green trims flower in Arlington, Wash. Low prices, too much stock (AP).

Working down on the farm, "Green Acres," aka Pioneer Production and Processing (AP).

Potheads in the U.S. are rejoicing today because our hypocritical capital went green. Not only have most Americans long believed in medical cannabis, many have been using it with no medicinal quality in mind.

Hemp can save the world. Recreational pot, not so much. That has not kept Americans from using, abusing, experimenting, and sometimes defending weed as harmless. It is mostly harmless, leading to laziness, lack of drive, and serving to blot out consciousness rather than expanding it. THC is not nearly so useful to users as CBD content, the more mind expanding and medicinal component of the plant, which has uncounted varieties, all called "weed."

Rosie wants medicine not recreation
Medical marijuana, particularly as green oil, was once in every American doctor's medical bag when visiting for house calls. Its many medical benefits were well known, including the ability of the properly prepared plant to cure cancer. Smoking it does not cure cancer.

Hemp can save the world, with so many historical and pre-petroleum/plastic uses that it is impossible to overestimate the benefits. Smoking it does not save the world.

What is the latest news? A scientific study released this week has determined that pot is the least harmful of popular drugs. Far worse than the dreaded "marijuana" are:
  • alcohol (rotted, distilled toxin)
  • heroin (chemically converted sap)
  • cocaine (chemically adulterated alkaloid)
  • cigarettes (sugar and chemical laced tobacco)
And that's how we do in Amsterdam, bro. Now available in Oakland and a school near you.
Dude, I'm so half-baked, huh huh huh.
The list does not mention Krokodil (pronounced "crocodile," the latest sensation in Russian flesh-eating intoxicants if meth is too mild for your liver to deal with).

Scientists have been busy. They also discovered the cause of munchies. They had an untested theory about cannabinoids in the brain. But now they've pinned it down.

Like pot? How about fried acrylamides?
So vegetarians, beware. Whatever you don't eat you might when high. Omnivores, human toilets have nothing to worry about except getting even fatter. Enjoy the Cheesy Poofs, Duff, and chocolate-flavored chocolate.

Alaska, the biggest state in the union we lovingly call the USA, has just made recreational marijuana legal. But it can only be carried in small amounts, and when grown at home or on the tundra, used at home. There are still many intoxication-related issues to be worked out, so all this law is likely to do is affect paranoia levels.

Mothers in Oregon like cannabis (AP).
Washington, D.C., home of the White House, Capitol, and that giant phallic tower that looks like a red-eyed Klansman just made recreational pot legal as well. D.C. is not really a state. "The Ring of Power" points out that it is a specially designated land that rules the country around it, the way a piece of London's financial district and the Vatican are specially designated lands with their own laws.

Finally, an old story (with pictures shown above) says there is a now a glut of weed in legal states, inventory that somehow finds its way to criminalized states just like Prohibition. Capitalists rejoice; Libertarians scratch their heads.

Hotei a.k.a. Budai (Vivek S K)
Okay, that's all for this episode of Better Know Your Pot. Remember, smoking cannabis is not a Buddhist practice, and that fat guy is not the Buddha. His name is Hotei (also Budai) and he's a monk who used to act like Santa Claus to kids.
These filthy THC-soaked hippies will amount to nothing...or become leaders of the insulated town that rules the United States, pot-loving D.C., home of the hypocritical Clintons.
Why I'm giving up weed
Art Tavana (, Feb. 18, 2015)
Colleen Green
DIY Queen Colleen Green is giving up weed — but not her stoner fan  base (
Do not light up, and don't hug statue.
Nobody rocks a pair of knockoff Wayfarers like Colleen Green. Onstage, they protect her sleepy eyes from the bright lights, placing a thin plastic veneer between the punk auteur and her followers: slackers with medical marijuana cards who relate to her anti-cool, grunge appeal.
"Colleen Green isn't a band; it's a person," she says, with the same directness she applies to running her DIY empire out of a bedroom in her brother's West L.A. apartment, where she lives rent-free. The 30-year-old Massachusetts native books her own shows, designs her own comical merch' (T-shirts doodled with stick figures and marijuana leaves), and uses a quirky drum machine as her only backing musician. And while it sounds like a weed-friendly pun, her real name is Colleen Green.

Since moving to L.A. in 2010, Green has become a regular at punk venues such as the Smell. With her drum machine and colorfully tagged guitar, she has amassed a cultish following, transforming her into L.A.'s stoner-punk fetish. More

Did you ever get the idea that DC and the media want us to take drugs and drink? (AP)

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