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Phuket: How to SEE the Future (video)

Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Kelly Yani, Wisdom Quarterly; Carsten "Jan" Kühne
Kwan Yin looks over devotees preparing to divine future: Thai-Chinese Mahayana Buddhist temple, Wat Chalong, Phuket, South Thailand (Carsten "Jan" Kuhne/photograph_jan/flickr)
Murals of the Buddha's life, angelic devas on right, Wat Chalong, Phuket (Carsten "Jan" Kühne)
Buddhism at the Met, NYC (ASTERIX61)
PHUKET, Thailand - We entered the temple in a largely Chinese part of Poo-ket town in southern Thailand.

Here the temples are a grand Indochinese blend of Mahayana style, like royal Chinese courts, and Theravada Indian roots.

A loud rattle caught our attention echoing from the stone walls. Beautiful Thai women were holding canisters, bowing reverently, then tossing the contents to divine the future.

The West might resort to the Tarot or a beach pier "psychic," but in Chinese parts of Thailand and Malaysia divination sticks are the preferred method of casting the future. So long as people want to know, need to know, the future and what they will do and what will happen to them, there will be some form of determining which choice to make.

Thai Theravada Chinese divination: Das sind buddhistische Reisende bei ihrer Religionsausübung. Hier ist ein genauerer Blick auf die Frau in der Mitte interessant. Ich wunderte mich, was das Geklapper in dieser Halle sollte. In einem Becher ist eine größere Anzahl von nummerierten Stäben. Der Gläubige (und das darf wirklich jeder probieren) schüttelt den Becher so lange und heftig, bis nur ein Stab herausgefallen ist. Ansonsten neu ansetzen. Die Nummer des Stabes führt zu einem Zettel aus dem Zettelkasten (nicht im Bild). Der Zettel gibt dem Glaubenden eine Botschaft. Translated below (C.J. Kuhne).
KARMA (action) says we have choice, and we will experience the resultants and fruits (vipaka and phala). But with choice comes responsibility, so we like a little help in choosing.
  • What is "good" karma, what is "bad" karma? That is easy to determine for oneself, hard to determine for others. If an action is motivated by greed, hatred/fear, or delusion, it is unwholesome, unskillful, and better left undone.
  • If, however, an action is motivated by nongreed, nonaversion, or nondelusion, it is wholesome and skillful and should not be left undone. So do it, and do more of it because one never regrets merit when one finally experiences the pleasant results and fruits of good karma.
What will the future be? 
"God's a Buddhist" it turns out in Season 4 episode "Probably" when Satan learns that his real problem is that he's dependent on relationships and should consider being alone to find some balance in his life ("South Park"/VIDEO: 
Is there a way to know the future? Yes. Live it.
What must they be whispering? The religious hush was broken not only by the loudly rattling sticks but also by all the fevered chatter. "O, Universe, what should I do (to succeed)?!"

"Go for it, O supplicant."

"But I'm not sure it's what I want."

"Okay, then, don't go for it."

"But if I don't, I'll never know if it was meant to be!"

"Look, supplicant, what the h*ll do you want from me? Just do what you want!"

Cash, bhat, yuan, euros = happiness?
"I don't know what I want! Is this 'the One,' O Universe?"

"[You want love, pleasure, fulfillment, and anything you think might get you these, like money, power, intoxicants, and fame.] There are lots of Ones, just pick one!"

"But, Universe, will I be happy if I do?"

"Just do it and find out!!"

You just pick! Then eat at City Wok! (SP)
"I'm not sure. Maybe I should throw these sticks and pay the temple priest to divine from my subconscious what I really want to do."

"Yes, yes, good plan, and get off my back. The Sticks know all! Follow the Sticks."

"Thank you, O nurturing Universe."

God's a Buddhist (South Park, Season 4)
*GERMAN TRANSLATION: "These are Buddhist religionists in their reverence. Here taking a closer look at the woman in the center is interesting. I was wondering what the loud clatter in the hall was. In a can (in her hand) is a larger number of numbered sticks. The believer (and one must really believe), by shaking the cup long and hard, sees what stick comes out. Otherwise, she starts again. The number on the stick leads one to a list from the list box (not pictured). The list gives the believer a message (not in German but in Chinese and possibly in Thai). - Carsten "Jan" Kuhne (photograph_jan/

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