Thursday, February 12, 2015

Science: How UFOs (vimanas) Fly

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
There are different power systems based on time. Vril is a very advanced kind. The longer a civilization has had, the cleaner and more powerful its forms of propulsion are. Touch a time-travel craft from 10K-50K years in the future, and download history by touch (WQ).
A heavy peace of metal levitates in thin air. Impossible! What "magic" holds it up?
Secret Life (D.M. Jacobs)
(Wiki) When a magnet floats above a superconductor bathed in freezing liquid nitrogen, it demonstrates perfect diamagnetic levitation as explained by the Meissner effect.

Experiments with an ampere-based definition of the kilogram flipped this arrangement upside-down: an electric field accelerated a  superconducting test mass supported by fixed magnets.

The upshot of these demonstrable and replicable facts is that you can make your own mini vimana (flying disc craft) or purchase one at any decent Sharper Image style science hobby shop. Build one to scale and sail the sky like an akasha-deva, a "shining one" from space. Here is the one we are constructing then trying to scale up:

(XNAME41) UFO anti-gravity from household items can be built by anyone at home to prove the point that of course flying discs and enormous levitating craft are possible and seen all over the planet like Peter Davenport and other sites report (e.g.,

Seeing is believing. Look up.
While you were in your public lab, private research in secret labs was making headway many now take for granted.

The most fruitful research is simple reverse engineering. But there is always room for human innovation.

Subterranean labs (D.U.M.B.S.) -- in conjunction with various governments from Nazis in Antarctica, to Americans in secret sites like Dream Land/Groom Lake/Area 51, Fermi Labs, to European powers in Malta, CERN, the Vatican, to multinationals or transnationalists near Aceh, a "special region" of Indonesia, and so on -- create the most advanced things because earthlings and visitors work together.

Naica Mine, Mexico (vacationorholiday)
Giant Easter Island Heads have...Bodies!
Ancient aliens? Of course, there were aliens from space then as now. They have been here all along. We (Homo sapien sapiens) came from space as others came and keep coming. Earth, after all, is in space as all planets are.

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