Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday the 13th of Valentine's Day (cartoon)

Amber Larson, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Dhr. Seven, Maya, Wisdom Quarterly
Intense fear of Friday the 13th: friggatriskaidekaphobia (
Capitalism: Oh my Word, it's a Valentine's Day teddy, chocolate, red wine combo love kit!
"Valentine's Day Cards for 2015" (Tom Tomorrow/
Is there a problem, sir? - My "dishwasher" is broke! Fix her! ("Family Guy")

Our senseless imperial U.S. violence and occupation in Afghanistan (

Vegan pizza competition winner, Throop Unitarian, Pasadena (Wisdom Quarterly)

With Middle Easterners who come from the area and Prof. Brent Huffman, we protest the destruction of Mes Aynak and Bamiyan, Afghanistan, L.A. Federal Bldg, Wilshire Blvd. (WQ)
Dreams come true at UCLA! No need to enroll; just hang out. (Your mileage may vary).
Computers take over our work, play, shopping, movie viewing, reading, socializing, music, complaining, and technology is perpetuating our dependency (
What will we make of the Second Coming of Maitreya (Buddha), Issa (Christ), 12th  Imam?

Words don't work. Should we add words in the form of a story? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so this is already a few thousand.

Let's see what the commentators send in to Maya. (Questions sent in for our ASK MAYA segment is left in the Comments Section below marked "private," which means anyone can ask anything).

Buddhism at UCLA (marc.ucla)
Like why do... We don't stir the pot and bias the readers' creativity. People ask the darndest things. And it's good!

The Buddha explained that in terms of karma, the question asker is born wise in the future. Which is to say, Ask and eventually -- maybe in this or a future life -- there will be answers.

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