Friday, April 13, 2018

Coast: Art Bell is DEAD, killed by George Noory?

Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly (NEWS, OPINION)

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A guilt ridden sounding George Noory -- hostile takeover host of Coast to Coast paranormal talk radio -- broke up and was reluctant to report the death of originator and founder of the program, radio legend Art Bell, 72.

It took more than half an hour before Noory could bring himself to report the facts as he was getting them. "I have to be sure," he insisted, fearing that to report an "Internet rumor" and premature obituary might reflect badly on him. It's all about him.

Many listeners do not like or trust grubby dotard George Noory

Shabby Asset and Operative George Noory
There was little grief over what the death might mean to the dead, who yet exists in some plane upon immediate rebirth. It was, as usual, all about George for George, the horrible clandestine operative at the helm of the program now, installed and highly paid by its new owners.

Bell is back and then he's gone.
Art Bell was not brought on the show after Noory took it over and nearly ruined it, turning it from an adventurous foray into the unknown to a tame and lame promotional platform and limited hangout release program with over 500 affiliate stations.

Bell in fact was so neglected and unwelcome that he had to start a new show (defunct "Dark Matter" and the ongoing Midnight in the Desert) to stay relevant and have any voice on current issues and discoveries. He was relegated to "Somewhere in Time" historical clips but no new shows, call ins, guest spots, or anything new.

Art Bell's other legacy: Midnight in the Desert
The grief of seeing sell out Noory get the glory and the riches while at odds with him personally was probably too much for Bell, who succumbed to illness (COPD?) surely worsened by stress. Thanks a lot, Agent Noory. Is that what you were feeling guilty about?

RIP, Art Bell. It was a great show idea, and it is a loss to the world that it has to endure Noory's inanity and self-serving comments and idiocies nearly every night.

Mushrooms might save the world - if they don’t kill us first
Art Bell's "Midnight in the Desert," April 12, 2018

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