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Science discovers the afterlife: 5D (video)

Afterlife; Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, Ananda; CC Liu (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly
(Patty Walker) Documentary: Science Discovers Afterlife Unlocking the Fifth Dimension 2017

There are countless worlds in three spheres.
PART II: ...That is to say, everything will not stop. What will stop is this identity, this arrangement (personality), we cling to now. No one gets out alive in that sense, except that a part of that can be clung to (who we were) into future lives. That's samsara. Get out.

Or if staying in, it is crucial to know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, positive and negative. What results in suffering, that is wrong, bad, and negative. What does not, that is good, right, and positive. (Into good has been lumped neutral because it does not result in suffering).

But that's not much of an answer! Here is the key: If an action (karma) is motivated, consciously OR unconsciously, by greed, hatred/fear, or delusion, that will result in suffering.
  • "Greed" does not mean what we mean in English. It is merely a translation of lobha, which means the entire range of attraction, desire, lust, craving, grasping, clinging, attachment. The same is true of "hatred/fear" (dosa), which means the range of aversion and includes fear, revulsion, and disliking. "Delusion" (moha) means the range of not-knowing, bias, confusion, wrong view, ignorance.
  • The flipside are the categories "nongreed, nonhatred/nonfear, nondelusion," which are GOOD as they result in what not-suffering (sukha), the pleasant, pleasurable, desirable, happy, wanted, wished for, cherished, and welcome.
We will not "die" at death, the great transition, because the very next moment, we are still alive -- just as we are from moment to moment. The break in between the moment is a kind of small death, but because what re-arises in the following moment is so similar (but not identical), we don't notice.

At death, the change will be significant enough to notice. And the previous citta conditions the following citta, so what was happening in that thought-moment will result in the next rebirth.

Many of us will find ourselves in a "ghostly" in between state (bardo), transitioning between this birth and a future one. There's not a time when we're not anywhere, so we will be somewhere, a kind of subtle "spirit world."

There are a near infinite number of worlds (lokas) we might end up in, with some being much more likely than others, all categorized by the Buddha into 31 general "planes" of existence, which are subdivided into three general spheres (also called lokas):
  1. List of the 31 Planes of Existence
    Sensual Sphere (Kama Loka: hells, ghosts, animal, human plane, sensual heavens)
  2. Fine-Material Sphere (Rupa Loka: worlds of brahmas or "divinities" and devas or "shining ones," subtle material heavens)
  3. Immaterial Sphere (Arupa Loka: worlds of formless, nonphysical, super-subtle devas, ethereal heavens)
Taken all together, these are all known as samsara (literally, "the continued wandering on" through rebirth, cycling and recycling life after life, figuratively "The Wheel of Life and Death"). It would be far better to attain enlightenment and nirvana instead.

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