Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Our federal income TAX is VOLUNTARY

Adel Weiss (weissparis.com); Diego Rivers, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
We've "elected" (volunteered) to pay federal income tax, so we can revoke our election.

IRS payment website fails on Federal US income tax day; extensions to be granted

Pay my goddamn taxes, peons.
It's nearly April 15th. Is there a way to legally exit the U.S. Tax Club? The federal income tax is voluntary. Are American taxpayers fed up with handing over a large percentage of their hard-earned money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) every year?

"Your income tax is 100 percent voluntary tax, and your liquor tax is 100 percent enforced tax."
- Dwight Avis, head of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax division in 1953 speech to Congress 

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If so Weiss+Associates Financial Freedom Consultants can help Americans keep their money. But how can this be achieved in a manner that will not make a person a target?

Use the law. The U.S. Supreme Court declared the Federal income tax to be unconstitutional unless the law included the population-based Rule of Apportionment. The 16th Amendment clearly excluded this requirement.

Americans can, however, VOLUNTEER to join the Tax Club. And if anyone can volunteer his or her way in, that person can also EXIT.

Truth is, no one actually reads the Constitution
Please be aware. There are two "United States." The Constitutional Republic -- the 50 states of the Union -- is vastly different from the corporate "United States" in regard to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

People born in the District of Columbia and territories like Puerto Rico do not have the Constitutional protections that are inalienable to [not able to be taken away from] other Americans.

It's up to you to clarify your true and correct status as a sovereign Constitutional American. The Revocation of Election Weiss+Associates offers meets the criteria for opting out of the Tax Club -- an option provided by the U.S. Congress, not Weiss+Associates.

This frees you from any obligation to file and pay the U.S. Federal Income Tax for the current tax year plus all future years.
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To the naysayers
Balance budget on backs of women...
This website (weissparis.com) contains volumes of valuable information about the LAW. Weiss and associates point out what the law states regarding the misapplication toward those who are not truly liable.

Weiss and associates understand many live in fear of their government, and part of that comes from the repeated silence from government employees -- your servants. It is their responsibility to inform We The People (whom they serve) on legitimate questions regarding the law. 
THE LAW applies to the government AS MUCH as it applies to the People. And it is your job -- as the sovereign -- to demand they follow the law.

Read (and re-read) Weiss+Associates' Mission Statement above. If you correspond with a government employee, require of them to show you THE LAW, and reject any hyperbole they may offer to dance around the key subject of jurisdiction.

No government employee or agency has EVER shown us THE LAW as it relates to an obligation upon American Nationals (those living and working in the Constitutional Republic) to file a Form 1040 without first making an election.

Most critical-thinking people can assume this equates to the fact that no law exists. If you remain skeptical, the truth is self-evident. Force your government to answer the key element: SHOW ME THE LAW!

If they ever produce such a document, please forward it to Weiss + Associates, because its 25+ years of research has shown that the Federal Income Tax was only levied upon the National Government without apportionment. More

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