Friday, April 6, 2018

Shocking facts about HITLER (video)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Darren Marlar, FactsVerse (video); Noam Shalev (video)

Who is that dreamy sexist pig?
"Hitler bad, Vandals good" was the name of a great album that suggests how silly it is to say bad things about an already bad guy. Who's more vilified in history than Hitler? Possibly only the Christian devil or whoever's currently occupying a seat of power, like a pope or prime minister or president. (We're looking in your direction, Trumf, because the similarities are obvious.

10 Facts About Hitler You Didn't Know
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Empire Beneath the Ice (SQ)
Vilifying a popular monster, FactsVerse goes over the top saying mean things, bad things, possibly true things, "facts" even. There many more interesting facts about the German dictator, like the fact that he won the war and moved to Argentina by submarine (u boat), created Newschwabenland in Antarctica, and that Nazi ideas and ideals made it to the United States, by government invitation, surfacing as our clandestine services, most notably the CIA, NASA, NSA, and groups like the FBI and KKK. 

(Noam Shalev) New film: Hitler fled to Argentina

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