Friday, April 20, 2018

Wonder Women: Latin Raquel Welch (video)

Editor Crystal Quintero, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Raquel Welch, Lynda Carter, Cher

Raquel Welch and Cher "I'm a Woman"
Cher's DVD, Closer to the Truth: The Whole Story, a two-disc set celebrating her 50th anniversary as an entertainer. Here she and the inimitable Raquel Welch perform "I'm a Woman" live on The Cher Show (1975).

Helen Reddy performs the iconic "I Am Woman," an anthem for the ages with lyrics included

Latin Wonder Woman Lynda Carter
I always confuse American sex symbol Raquel Welch with Lynda Carter, so much that they've been one person in my mind. Maybe it's because they're both Latinas! "Raquel Welch" was born Jo Raquel Tejada, and Lynda Carter was once Linda Córdova. Imagine that, the most beautiful women in the US actually being Latin but nearly no one knows it. There was One Million Years B.C. with Carter, no, Welch. Then there was Wonder Woman with Welch, no, Carter. Who could forget her in the cult classic Bedazzled, beautiful and a sense of humor. Comedy is rare. Then there was that tragic marriage to singer-politician Sonny Bono... Oh, wait, that Cher, the pre-Lady Gaga, preternatural ageless diva.

Beauty is fading so have a back up talent to fall back on because no
one wants to see what makeup can't hide, as Craig Lynch said.

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