Friday, April 13, 2018

Real reason behind US meddling in Syria (video)

Really Graceful; Eva Bartlett (Press TV UK); Jimmy Dore (The Young Turks); Le Monde; Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

(Really Graceful, April 7, 2017) What the mainstream media won't tell us about Syria. Do you think the Syrian chemical weapon attack is a false flag?

(PressTVUK, 2/15/18) Eva Bartlett: Everything we've been told about Syria is a LIE. Independent journalist explains how mainstream media lies about Syria.

Understanding the Syrian crisis in 5 minutes
(Le Monde) After three years of war and about 150,000 deaths, Syria is more torn apart than ever. But why is this war still going on? How did the pacific "Arab Spring" [dubbed so by the US and allies who referred to it as an "uprising" to be put down] become such a blood bath? Here are some keys to understand how the Syrian conflict turned into a civil, cold, and holy war.

The REAL reason for war in Syria

(The Young Turks) On the latest episode of "Aggressive Progressives," Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss an article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about Syria ( Watch the full episode: Follow on, Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh talk DAPL, NATO’s plan in Syria, “Friends of Syria” coalition, and Malcolm X’s speech about the 1964 election.

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