Friday, April 13, 2018

Comedian Will Ferrell injured in serious car accident

KFI 640 AM (;; Seth Aubeorn (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

Will Ferrell was rushed to the hospital after his SUV was sideswiped by another car and flipped over according to TMZ. Ferrell was one of three passengers in the vehicle. In video obtained by TMZ Ferrell can be seen talking on the phone as he is loaded into an ambulance. Witnesses said that one of the female passengers was bleeding profusely and appeared to be seriously injured. The crash happened in Orange County, California on the I-5 Freeway around 11:00 pm on Thursday (April 12th) night as the Anchorman comedic actor was returning from a "Funny or Die" event in San Diego, where he portrayed his role as Ron Burgundy. More

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