Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Travel far to Distant Horizons (video); Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

ABOUT: Since 1985 Distant Horizons has organized cultural programs to Cuba, Iran , and other destinations in [Buddhist] Asia, Africa, and the Middle East [Northern Africa].

The focus of each trip is to allow the traveler the chance to breathe the culture and traditions of the country.

Small group size, best hotels, superb local guides, and incredible first-hand knowledge of trips all allow Distant Horizons to offer comfortable and intimate tours to the world's best destinations. More

CUSTOMIZED TRAVEL: In addition to offering listed tours, Distant Horizons is very experienced at organizing customized itineraries for individuals, small groups, and special-interest groups.

By designing a unique program, one can create an itinerary and travel at a personal pace.

This allows flexibility for including vegetarian meals wanted and staying at preferred hotels. Decide when to be with a local guide and when to use a personal driver. More
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Inspect Egypt's pyramids up close

Hubcap "Everything we've been taught about ancient history is a lie"

As  in the Days of Noah, there was a global high-tech society and the presence of the  "Fallen Ones." Magnificent structures were built in the antediluvian (pre-flood) period.  The idea that they were built by the Ancient Egyptians is a lie, a joke. They already existed when the pharaohs decided to use them as tombs. Many attempts to recreate them by  the Ancient Egyptians resulted in tiny, crumbling mud piles. See Part 2. More

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